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Olympic Games – experts on campus

The University of Winnipeg has faculty members with expertise in coaching, fair play, concussions and the Olympic movement as the XXII Olympic Winter Games get underway in Sochi, February 7 to 23, 2014.

DR. GLEN BERGERONConcussion, medical team, sport injuries, the Olympic experience

Has been to five Olympics: On the Canadian medical team at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Therapist for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, Chief Therapist for Canadian medical team at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia and a member of the Canadian medical team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

Dr. Bergeron is with UWinnipeg’s Head’s Up Concussion Institute preventing, managing and researching concussions,

Professor and Associate Dean, Faculty of Kinesiology



DR. DAVID TELLES-LANGDON  – Coaching, fair play, sports ethics

Dr. Telles-Langdon teaches various courses in the Sport Coaching program and is Director of the National Coaching Institute in Manitoba; managed the multi-sport apprentice coach practicum program during the 1999 Pan-Am Games (Winnipeg).

Chair, Kinesiology and Applied Health

History and evolution of the Olympic movement

His publications include: Children and Childhood in Classical Athens (1990); Sport and Society in Ancient Greece (1998); Sport in the Ancient World from A to Z (2004);Greek Sport and Social Status (2008)

Professor, Classics



DR. SANDRA KIRBY – Olympic games, sexual harassment and abuse in sport, sexuality/sex and gender testing, rowing and cross-country skiing

Only Canadian selected to umpire at the Paralympic Games in London, 2012. Kirby is an Olympic Athlete from the 1976 Games in rowing and has a strong history with the games not only as an athlete but as an internationally recognized expert, researcher and advocate on child protection in sports. She is also a competitive cross-country skier.

Department of Sociology



MR. AMAN HUSSAIN – Professional learning, coaching and leadership, performance psychology

Aman Hussain is an active Learning Facilitator for Coaching Manitoba and a doctoral candidate at the University of Queensland, Australia. Mr. Hussain is involved in a broad range of applied consulting activities involving high performance sport, coaching, performance psychology, medicine, and the performing arts.

Aman Hussain, PhD (candidate)

Instructor, Faculty of Kinesiology


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