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A Critical Introduction to Yancy by UWinnipeg’s Dr. Kimberley Ducey

UWinnipeg sociologist Dr. Kimberley Ducey has co-edited a new and fascinating book, George Yancy: A Critical Introduction, that honours the courageous work of Dr. George Yancy, a prominent U.S. philosopher and professor of philosophy at Emory University.

The book consists of 14 contributors who have been impacted by Yancy’s critically engaging work on anti-black racism, whiteness, racial embodiment, and critical pedagogy.

“Critical dialogue about the history of white supremacy, far-right demagoguery, and racial divisiveness is so incredibly necessary at this time as the world bears witness to what is taking place globally in terms of the spread of nativist ideologies, strongman politics, and the detestation of “the other” through xenophobic, anti-immigrant policies,” said Ducey. “One way of addressing these issues is to encourage resistant, counter-hegemonic discourses which are unafraid to name the elephant in the room.” 

Along with the philosopher Dr. Clevis Headley (Florida Atlantic University) and the sociologist Dr. Joe R. Feagin (Texas A&M University), Ducey has brought to fruition not just a celebratory book, but a book that demands we take the insidious ways in which white supremacy has continued to exist seriously, despite de jure political changes within North America and beyond.

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