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A global perspective on luxury fashion marketing

Satyendra Singh

Satyendra Singh

Dr. Satyendra Singh’s latest book provides students, marketers, and entrepreneurs with a global perspective on luxury and fashion marketing.

He hopes it will inspire a shift beyond local and national markets to meet a worldwide demand for elegant products.

“The luxury industry is currently estimated to be worth about $400 billion US, and expected to grow significantly in Asia and Africa,” he said. “It’s a massive market to tap into.”

Luxury and Fashion Marketing: The Global Perspective is the culmination of over three years of research. Singh pored over case studies on luxury brands and emerging markets, company mission statements, logos, franchises, and airport retail outlets to understand the impact globalization has on world markets.

Each chapter has to-do activities, making the book essential reading for students, trainers, and practitioners interested in luxury and fashion marketing and management.  He hopes it will equip more brands to consider developing luxury products with the view to internationalize them.

Through his research, he gained a deeper appreciation for the challenges faced by luxury and fashion marketers in regards to politics, environment, and beachwear. The book provides guidelines around the importance of clear messaging, meaningful mission statements, simple logo designs and specialized airport retail strategies to reach a global market.

“Correct positioning, pricing, and messaging is the key,” he said. “Most entrepreneurs focus on commodity-oriented items locally or nationally. The central hypothesis of the book is that they can also produce and market luxury and fashion items worldwide.”

His book has received positive reviews internationally:

  • “This book has indeed interesting ideas. The global perspective on luxury and fashion, combined with cases on brands and emerging markets makes the book an interesting read for luxury students, academics, and practitioners,” said Dr. Koichi Nakagawa, Professor of Economics, Osaka University, Japan.
  • “An extremely well-written and insightful book about two booming markets: luxury and fashion. With a clear structure and a perfect balance between theory and practice, this book represents a source of great ideas and deeper understanding for students, marketers, entrepreneurs, and consumers,” said Dr. Calin Gurau, Professor of Marketing, Montpellier Business School, France 
  • “An interesting book on a timely topic in luxury and fashion, it will certainly add much value to the luxury and fashion world in emerging markets across the globe,” said Dr. Mornay Roberts-Lombard, Professor of Marketing, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Singh has been teaching marketing and international business courses at The University of Winnipeg for over 20 years.  This publication builds on his extensive research into market orientation and business performance in emerging markets. 

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