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Biz students create engaging Investment Group

Stuart Fletcher-Cook and classmates

Photo: Investment Group student executives: L to R –  Abraham El Giadda, Jordan Sobey, Stuart Fletcher-Cook and instructor Dennis Ng

WINNIPEG, MB – It started with one student and an idea, and is now attracting 30 to 50 students who gather to debate real-world business stories and learn from business leaders in the community.  Stuart Fletcher-Cook is the 21 year-old University of Winnipeg Faculty of Business and Economics student who got the ball rolling and now serves as President of the newly created University of Winnipeg Investment Group (UWIG).

“The idea is to increase financial literacy and to have a place to talk about current events in business, like the effect of oil prices on the stock market and the economy,” says Fletcher-Cook. “The response from other students has been great and now we are inviting guest speakers to campus to share their expertise and dialogue with us.”

On Wednesday, February 25, the students are welcoming Evan Mancer (Senior VP, Cardinal Capital Management) to campus during the free period — 12:30 to 1:30 pm — to talk about wealth management and building a portfolio.

Fletcher-Cook says his group is also partnering with the Chartered Financial Analyst Society of Winnipeg (CFA) and hopes to have many more speakers cover a variety of topics in upcoming semesters. He says the support within the Faculty has been incredible, especially from instructor Dennis Ng who acts as the group’s advisor.

Fletcher-Cook graduates next year and plans to pursue a career as a portfolio manager.

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