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Collaborating with Norway on the High North

A delegation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology visits UWinnipeg – Monday September 12 2016 – staff photo

A delegation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology visits UWinnipeg – Monday September 12 2016 – staff photo

A new partnership between The University of Winnipeg and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology draws on complementary expertise involving technologies, governance frameworks, and evaluation methodologies for sustainable energy systems in the High North.

The overall goal of the High North Program is to expand, strengthen and disseminate knowledge relevant to the High North including climate change, the environment, resources, transportation and logistics, economy and issues relating to indigenous peoples.  The High North Program is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and administered by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education.

The purpose of this project is to establish a partnership on Sustainable Energy System Design, Evaluation and Governance education, research and development.  The team is developing teaching and research collaborations, including a Summer Institute, student and faculty exchanges, and potential research partnerships. A symposium at the end of the three-year project will include scholars and students as well as members from the public and private sector working on relevant research and development issues in order to enhance their knowledge of sustainable energy in the High North.

This work will facilitate important academic exchanges that can bring together shared realities and experiences in Norway and Canada related to the development of oil and petroleum products, hydro power, and renewable energy in the High North. These include legal issues related to oil and gas exploration in the Arctic and the role of Indigenous peoples in energy governance, as well as technical and economic issues related to increasing the availability and use of renewable and sustainable energy options, reducing over-dependency on fossil fuels, increasing energy security, among other challenges associated with a changing energy mix in the High North.

By enhancing knowledge of sustainable energy in the High North in business communities in Canada and Norway this project represents an important contribution to increasing higher education cooperation and education about energy systems.

The Team

UWinnipeg team: Patricia Fitzpatrick (PI, Geography), Danny Blair (Dean of Science, Principal, Richardson College for the Environment, Science Director Prairie Climate Centre), Chris Storie (Geography), Joni Storie (Geography), Ed Cloutis (Geography), Melanie O’Gorman (Economics), Claire Reid (MDP), Jeff Cottes (Adjunct Professor, Politics)

Norwegian team that is here this week: Torbjørn Skogsrød, (Dean of Faculty of Technology, Economy and Management), Andriy Verlan (Faculty), Alemayehu Gebremedhin (Faculty), Erling Onstein (Faculty), Gunnar Bergseth (International Office)