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Crossings Volume II launches this month

Danielle Nowosad, photo supplied

Danielle Nowosad, photo supplied

UWinnipeg is launching its exciting peer-reviewed, academic student journal Crossings Volume II, an interdisciplinary journal on Monday, February 26 from 1:30-3:00 pm in Convocation Hall. Crossings is hosted by The University of Winnipeg Library. This event is free and all are welcomed to attend.

Eleven student essays from various disciplines are included in this year’s journal from a variety of disciplines, including rhetoric, writing and communications, religion and culture, history, Classics and geography. 

Physical geography and honours student Danielle Nowosad, is one of the contributing students. She documented her unique Métis family story, Rethinking the Foundations of Canada: From Historical Records to Life Experiences. The Case of Peter Fidler. that is included in this volume of Crossings.

“I decided to submit a piece for Crossings at the suggestion of my geography professor, Dr Matt Dyce,” shares Nowosad. “The original assignment was to create something that related to the main themes of Canada’s Physical and Human Environments. I chose to write an essay about colonial power and identity in relation to Canada and myself, as I had just discovered that I am related to a fairly well-known cartographer of the Hudson Bay Company. His marriage to an Indigenous woman created a Métis bloodline, which I was able to research further in depth. Although I’m majoring in science, the human side of geography is equally as fascinating and important, and I love that I was able to write a paper that is so close to home for a course.”

Crossings Volume II, journal cover

Crossings Volume II, journal cover

Volume II of Crossings is a continuation of what we started last year, which was the showcasing of the excellent research of students in the Social Sciences and Humanities at UWinnipeg,” said Dr. Jane Barter, Editor of Crossings and Professor, Religion and Culture. “Volume II also focuses, in several of its essays, upon the theme of “Restorying Canada” in light of last year’s 150th anniversary. Each essay represents critical and original thinking, and each of them draw on what I consider to be a uniquely University of Winnipeg style, which seeks not merely to describe society, but to advance its change for the good.”

The Editorial Committee will be soliciting articles and book reviews for Volume III of Crossings, scheduled to be published in January 2019. The Call for Papers will be available at the launch. For more information, please contact Jane Barter

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