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Deep Cuts + Future Projections with alumnus Noam Gonick

Alumni Spotlight

Noam Gonick sitting on flight of stairs

Noam Gonick (Coll 89)

On May 29, 2024, Alumni Affairs and The University of Winnipeg Library are pleased to present Deep Cuts + Future Projections with Noam Gonick. This Pride Week event will include a film screening followed by a panel discussion and reception.  

Noam Gonick (Coll 89) is a critically acclaimed filmmaker and artist who explores sexuality using Winnipeg as his muse. During Deep Cuts + Future Projections, Gonick will present a personally curated collection of recent and rarely seen short films, video installations, teasers, and pitch videos. These films are designed to delight, disrupt, and provoke.  

“Deep cuts are films you wouldn’t normally see; these are pieces that are harder to come by,” said Gonick. “There will be short films and videos that only play in far-flung film festivals, underground art galleries, and museum settings.”  

“Future Projections are teasers and demo videos for upcoming films that aren’t done yet,” said Gonick. “This work has not seen the light of day. These are pitch videos for films that have yet to see support.”  

The longest short film will be Noam’s latest project with Michael Walker, entitled Purple City. This film explores the relationship between a group of apartment residents and Winnipeg’s Golden Boy statue. Inspired by the art and architecture, Purple City looks at the queer legends and lore of the Golden Boy and the Legislative Grounds on which he resides.  

The total film screening will run about one hour and 15 minutes.  

A look back at The Collegiate

An alumnus of The Collegiate, Noam remembers his time on campus as being pivotal both personally and professionally. “I guess it was around age 16 that I first started coming out,” said Noam. “I had a girlfriend when I started at The Collegiate, but by the time I left I had a boyfriend.”  

In the late ’80s, The Collegiate is also where Noam met up-and-coming filmmaker Guy Maddin. “I took a film class at The Collegiate and back in those days, before streaming, we had to go to the Media Lab to watch films. That is where I met Guy Maddin. We watched a bunch of movies together; it was around that time that I started to make movies.”  

As Noam and Guy became socially connected, they ended up working on a few films together. “Guy was very inspirational,” said Noam. In 1997, Noam directed a documentary called Guy Maddin: Waiting for Twilight. The film followed Guy as he began production on Twilight of the Night Nymphs (1997).  

While Noam’s films are predominantly queer related, there are a myriad of themes he grapples with. “I am very interested in Winnipeg as a palette,” said Noam. “I am interested in stories outside of my community as well. I am passionate about Indigenous issues, and I am currently participating in the Toronto Jewish Festival.”  

Noam says the biggest task for students at The Collegiate or UWinnipeg, is self-investigation. “It is really important to know yourself before getting wrapped up in career streams,” said Noam. “It might happen inside school, or it might happen outside school. But knowing yourself is going to influence your outcome in education too, so focus on that.”   

Noam says his experience at The Collegiate really impacted his world view. “It was just the kind of school that cultivated outsider interests,” said Noam. “Me and my group of friends were very encouraged by one another and inspired to do whatever we wanted to do.”  

As for the event on May 29, Noam says he is excited to see the works projected large and in a proper auditorium setting. “The audience will be able to see a whole breadth of what I’ve been interested in and what I have been examining. We will see a variety of pieces that span several years and look at where I am going next.”   

To RSVP to Deep Cuts + Future Projections, visit UWinnipeg Pride.


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