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Dr. Eliakim Sibanda moderates Black Lives Matter webinar

Panelists will discuss structural racism, bigotry, and inclusion

Eliakim Sibanda ©UWinnipeg.

Dr. Eliakim Sibanda is moderating a panel discussion, Black Lives Matter: Structural Racisim, Bigotry, and Inclusion on Thursday, August 26, from 11-12:45 pm CDT.

“Racism, in its many expressions including multiple practices of discrimination, is globally ubiquitous and seemingly intractable,” said the event organizers. “While we recognize the day-to-day impact of individual acts of racism, human rights advocacy offers a potential to engage structural and systemic racism with a view to bold action. Racism deserves an explicit priority because of its violent social, ethical, economic, legal, political, religious, and spiritual impact.”

Eliakim M. Sibanda is a globally acclaimed advocate for human rights, peace, and justice. He has hosted Black History Month at UWinnipeg and brought many gifted scholars to campus, enriching the campus community and promoting cross-cultural understanding. He has also been a visiting professor and was an invited speaker to three continents, including Africa.

Panelists include Afua Cooper, Dr. Samukele Hadebe, and Dr. Adam Muller.

Afua Cooper is a professor of Black Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science at Dalhousie University. She is also the Director of the Black People’s History of Canada Project, and holds a Killam Research Chair. Afua was recently appointed the Canadian UNESCO representative for the UN’s Slave Route Project.

Dr Samukele Hadebe is currently a visiting fellow at the Chris Hani Institute, Johannesburg, researching on worker education and labor issues. He was the Director of the Centre for Public Engagement after a stint as a senior civil servant, and he taught in the Department of African Languages and Literature, University of Zimbabwe.

Dr. Adam Muller is Director of the Peace and Conflict Studies graduate programs at the University of Manitoba, Canada, and a founding member of the Global Consortium On Bigotry and Hate. He researches and teaches on the artistic representation of genocide, war, and human rights.

This event is co-sponsored by The University of Winnipeg’s Department of History, Global College, the G2O Interfaith Forum, and the International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation.

Pre-registration is required. If you have questions you wish answered during the webinar or would like more information about this event, email