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Education Dean Receives Significant American Award

Dean of Education, Ken McCluskey

Dean of Education, Ken McCluskey

WINNIPEG, MB – Reclaiming Youth International has selected Dr. Ken McCluskey, Dean of Education at The University of Winnipeg, as recipient of the esteemed Spirit of Crazy Horse Award, which will be given at the 2012 Reclaiming Youth Black Hills Conference (June 23-26).

McCluskey is known internationally for his work in several areas, including gifted education, mentoring, and at-risk children and youth. His Lost Prizes and related projects serve as models world-wide for those interested in identifying and developing the talents of marginalized young people.

“I was extremely honoured when I got the letter notifying me of this award,” said McCluskey. “Through their Black Hills Seminars and various professional development sessions, Reclaiming Youth International reaches out in tangible fashion to provide hands-on training for in-the-trenches caregivers who work directly with challenging, relationship-resistant young people. Indeed, to my mind, it is perhaps the foremost organization worldwide in terms of supporting the educators who give so much of themselves to serve at-risk children and youth. The Crazy Horse Award truly does symbolize the `spirit,’ commitment, and passion of a dedicated network of front-line people. There is no other recognition that I would rather receive.”

Reclaiming Youth International presents The Spirit of Crazy Horse Award to honor those who have a tenacity of purpose in creating courage for discouraged children and youth through their practice, policy development, or research.

Spirit of the Crazy Horse

The sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski, came to the Black Hills of South Dakota at the request of Native Americans to create a mountain memorial that would honor the spirit of Crazy Horse. In 1949, Korczak wrote these words about the renowned warrior: “Crazy Horse was a great leader of his people. He wanted only peace and a way of living for his people without having to live on the white man’s reservations. Crazy Horse defended his people and their way of life in the only manner he knew, but only after he saw the treaty of 1868 broken. This treaty, signed by the President of the United States said, `Paha Sapa, the Black Hills, will forever and ever be the sacred land of the Indians! Crazy Horse’s tenacity of purpose, his modest life, his unfailing courage, his tragic death set him apart and above the others.’”

Beginning in 1994, The Spirit of Crazy Horse Award has been given to individuals whose distinguished contributions have helped reclaim our most vulnerable children, including:

  • Muhammad Ali, Humanitarian & World Heavyweight Champion, Berrien Springs, Michigan

  • Lesley du Toit, Founder, Child and Youth Care Agency for Development, Pretoria, South Africa

  • Zvi Levi, Founder, Haddisam Youth Village, Haddisam, Israel

  • The Honorable George McGovern, Former United Nations Ambassador, Rome, Italy

  • The Honorable Landon Pearson, Canada’s Senator for Children and Youth, Ottawa, Canada

  • The Honorable Janet Reno, Former United States Attorney General, Washington, DC

  • Father Chris Riley, Founder, Youth Off The Streets, Sydney, Australia

  • Peter Yarrow, “Peter Paul and Mary” New York, New York.

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