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ELP and PACE programs help international student land dream job

Head shot of Alina Oliinyk.

Alina Oliinyk (photo supplied)

After spending her childhood and early adulthood in Ukraine, Alina Oliinyk was ready to branch out and start a new life and career in Canada. Oliinyk searched internationally for a new adventure that would expand her life experiences, both personally and professionally. 

The ELP and PACE programs helped me break out of my comfort zone and learn not to be afraid of mistakes.

Alina Oliinyk

After consulting with friends and family, Oliinyk decided to move to Canada in 2018. She was drawn to Winnipeg’s culture, environment, and opportunities at The University of Winnipeg. Oliinyk also felt welcomed by the large Ukrainian community in Winnipeg that supported her and celebrated her culture.

“I like Winnipeg because it reminds me of home,” she said. “Friendly people, exciting places to visit, and snowy winters.” 

However, moving to a different country came with its struggles.

“I didn’t speak a lot of English while I was in Ukraine, so when I came to Winnipeg, I was excited that The University of Winnipeg offered an English Language Program (ELP),” she said. The ELP program helps students upgrade their academic English language skills before their formal degrees, enhancing their proficiency and assisting with terminology and references specific to academic studies. 

With this newfound confidence and a solid foundation of English skills, Oliinyk moved on to Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE) where she excelled in her coursework en route to a Public Relations, Marketing & Strategic Communications Management Diploma.

With the added benefit of a workplace internship through the PACE program, Oliinyk was hired after her graduation, fulfilling her dream of becoming a marketing professional and working on an array of different projects to support organizational goals at Dooley PR and Marketing. Today, Oliinyk has moved on to become a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Sherpa.McKim, one of the largest marketing firms in Manitoba. 

“I love my job,” said Oliinyk. “I help companies and brands improve their digital marketing strategy and support their business and marketing goals. Every day presents a new challenge that keeps me on my toes and allows me to grow as an expert constantly.”

Oliinyk attributes her success to the supportive instructors and staff members at UWinnipeg who have made her experience memorable and empowering.

“The ELP and PACE programs helped me break out of my comfort zone and learn not to be afraid of mistakes,” said Oliinyk. “I now feel confident like never before and ready to create!”

Visit the ELP and PACE program web pages to learn how you can achieve your goals at UWinnipeg.