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Faculty and staff excellence to be recognized at Convocation

lockwise: David Fitzpatrick,Val McKinley, Alberto Civetta, Murray Wiegand, James Hanley, Gabor Kunstatter, Debra Bradley, Carlos Colorado, Jim Silver, and Lloyd Kornelsen

Clockwise: David Fitzpatrick,Val McKinley, Alberto Civetta, Murray Wiegand, James Hanley, Gabor Kunstatter, Debra Bradley, Carlos Colorado, Jim Silver, and Lloyd Kornelsen.

The University of Winnipeg is pleased to recognize 10 exceptional members of the UWinnipeg community at the upcoming Autumn Convocation, which will take place virtually on Thursday, October 22 and Friday, October 23, 2020.

“UWinnipeg is proud to honour our faculty and staff for their extraordinary contributions that help our students succeed,” said Dr. James Currie, Interim President and Vice-Chancellor. “Their dedication and willingness to share their knowledge strengthen UWinnipeg’s reputation and have shaped our society as a whole.”

Embodying excellence in academics, research, mentorship, governance, and community engagement, the individuals who will be recognized are:

Dr. Gabor Kunstatter: Professor Emeritus
Kunstatter is a highly regarded scientist, scholar, teacher, and administrator. He is considered an authority in gravitation theory, especially in the areas of black hole physics and quantum gravity. He has served in a range of academic positions — including as departmental Chair and the Dean of Science — while teaching, supervising students, and doing research with rigour. [Full Profile]

Dr. Jim Silver: Professor Emeritus
Silver was a visionary program builder during his three decades of work at UWinnipeg — bridging the gap between community and university by establishing a presence in Winnipeg’s North End. Through his unwavering commitment to decolonizing the university and community, and as a tireless advocate on matters of community engagement, Silver has left an indelible mark across Winnipeg. [Full Profile]

Dr. Murray Wiegand: Professor Emeritus
Known as a committed researcher and resourceful teacher, Wiegand has devoted more than 30 years of service to UWinnipeg. Wiegand earned a reputation among colleagues as a well-rounded academic who enjoyed a challenge, and also as a diligent researcher who prioritized accuracy and the generation of reliable data — that lives on as a testament to his unrelenting commitment to his work. [Full Profile]

Dr. David Fitzpatrick: Fellowship in United College
Fitzpatrick’s multi-faceted career left its mark on a burgeoning era for the university’s campus and academic programs. He tirelessly contributed his foundational efforts to build UWinnipeg over the last quarter-century. Many remember him as a fair-minded contributor to a variety of committees and task forces on campus that helped UWinnipeg grow into what it is today. [Full Profile]

Dr. Lloyd Kornelsen: Clifford J. Robson Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence
Kornelsen is a gifted educator who inspires others. A consistent theme in all his teaching roles is his belief in the power of education to positively transform lives. Kornelsen advocates for advancing human rights pedagogy through engagement with learning communities, locally and internationally. He has influenced countless educators and students around the world with his tireless efforts to introduce them to democratic citizenship in a globalizing world. [Full Profile]

Dr. Carlos Colorado: Marsha Hanen Award for Excellence in Creating Community Awareness
At UWinnipeg, Colorado has emerged as a campus leader and public intellectual, with a visionary commitment to bringing the academy and community together. His dynamic contributions to public engagement have enriched the lives of students and scholars, enhanced the institution’s reputation, and deepened public discourse. [Full Profile]

Dr. Alberto Civetta: Erica & Arnold Rogers Award for Excellence in Research & Scholarship
Civetta has built an international reputation for research excellence and inspiring mentorship. He is a highly respected leader in the field of speciation genetics. Since arriving at UWinnipeg two decades ago, he has made significant contributions to the field of evolutionary genetics, and has secured an unbroken chain of funding in the process. [Full Profile]

Dr. James Hanley: Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Contributing to Self-Governance
Hanley’s career at UWinnipeg is marked by his commitment to equity in governance and for his role in facilitating initiatives that directly led to greater Indigenous representation. His dedication to the betterment of education, to behind-the-scenes work for the respect of all on campus, and his open-minded approach to collegial governance have all promoted the general well-being of those who come to campus to teach, to learn, and to work. [Full Profile]

Valerie McKinley: The Clarence Atchison Award for Community Service
McKinley, curator of the University of Winnipeg’s Anthropology Museum and Collections, embodies best practices in academic excellence, social responsibility, and community engagement. For over 15 years she has given voice to the hundreds of pieces in the numerous collections at UWinnipeg, with integrity and discipline, while engaging students, and Indigenous communities. [Full Profile]

Debra Bradley: Stars of Spence Street Prize
Bradley encapsulates the spirit of UWinnipeg. She has a passion for helping students achieve their dreams. For nearly 30 years, Bradley has been the face of the Faculty of Education: first as a receptionist and then as a student advisor. In her decades of dedicated service, she has had a significant impact on the lives of countless students, many of whom are now teachers in our schools. [Full Profile]

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