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Faculty to be Honoured at Spring Convocation

The University of Winnipeg is pleased to honour five of its outstanding faculty members at the upcoming Spring Convocation ceremonies on June 9th and 10th. The awards include the distinguished titles of Instructor Emerita, Fellowship in United College, and other notable faculty awards.

Anne Rusnak, BA (Honours) (First Class Honours), MA, DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies)
Instructor Emerita
In a career that spanned approximately three and half decades, Rusnak served on numerous committees at the departmental, faculty, and university levels. Rusnak retired in 2014 from the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures in UWinnipeg’s Faculty of Arts, where she leaves a lasting legacy as a much beloved and respected teacher, scholar, and strong contributor to the institution’s academic life and governance. Throughout her teaching career, Rusnak was known for her high energy, for always putting students first, and for creating an engaging classroom experience. 

Michael Collins McIntyre, BA, PhD
Fellowship in United College

Michael Collins McIntyre, BA, PhD
Fellowship in United College

Previously named Dean Emeritus for his fundamental contributions as Dean of Arts and Sciences to UWinnipeg during a most formative era, McIntyre is honoured this year with Fellowship in United College for his many varied contributions across a wider scale of activities.   In addition to being a highly accomplished administrator, he also managed to make his mark in research and as a favored professor in UWinnipeg’s Department of Psychology, from which he retired in 2014.

Joan Grace, BA (Honours), MPA, PhD
Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Contributing to Self-Governance

Grace is being honoured for her many contributions as a gifted and effective administrator in a variety of supportive and leadership roles, most notably as the Chair of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program offered jointly by UWinnipeg and the University of Manitoba. Grace has committed her time to self-governance of the University at every level and is renowned for great diplomacy that she demonstrates consistently with all stakeholders — including students, faculty members, and administrators.

Blair Jamieson, BASc, BEd, MSc, PhD
Erica & Arnold Rogers Award for Excellence in Research & Scholarship
Jamieson is a leader in the field of subatomic physics. He has made significant and influential contributions to the neutrino research community worldwide with his broad background in detector and hardware development and analysis. The goal of his research: physics beyond the Standard Model — a theory that explains what the world is and what holds it together. His approach to creating detectors and analysis is among the most statistically sophisticated in his field and his methods have been adopted by other neutrino experiments worldwide.

Jane Lothian Murray, BA, MA
Clifford J. Robson Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence
An inspirational teacher and role model, Lothian Murray has earned the highest praise, respect, and admiration of her students. Part of her successful teaching philosophy is to make her classrooms a sanctuary for her students, a place where they can take risks, share ideas, and challenge misconceptions — absent of judgment or criticism. Lothian Murray has extensive knowledge of criminal justice and related research. Her ongoing authorship of the most popular introductory sociology textbook in Canada gives her extensive understanding of current research, which she applies in the classroom.

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