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Honouring former Board of Regents Chair Richard Graydon

The University of Winnipeg community mourns the loss of Richard Graydon, who passed away May 23, 2024 at the age of 83.

Richard was a graduate of The University of Winnipeg, and dedicated his life to education and sound administrative practice. He spent many years as a principal with Luxton, William Whyte, Isaac Brock, Wellington, and John M. King schools. He also served as President of the Principals’ Association.

He was appointed unanimously by the Board of Regents to assume the role of Chair during a period of transition for the University (2001-2003). Faced with a challenging financial situation, Richard provided stable leadership and led the Board through discussions and consultations that laid the groundwork for improved financial health and strategic planning. He also oversaw the establishment in April 2003 of The University of Winnipeg Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to raising private funds and providing donor stewardship in support of the vision and mission of the University and its Collegiate. He led the Board of Regents with courage and dignity through two transformative years.

In 2009, he became a recipient of a Fellowship in The University of Winnipeg.

He also contributed significantly to the broader community as a volunteer board and committee member with organizations dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children including the Children’s Home of Winnipeg, the Children’s Aid Society, and Child and Family Services-Central.

Richard was a staunch supporter of The University of Winnipeg. He’s remembered as a wonderful person who was dedicated to his volunteer work at the University.

A funeral will be held Saturday, June 15, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. at Kildonan Community Church. Condolences can be made online. Campus flags will be lowered at a later date, which will be shared on this page and in the faculty and staff newsletter.


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