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Increasing recreation services to encourage more student physical activity

Bill Wedlake Fitness Centre

Bill Wedlake Fitness Centre

Effective September 2017, additional recreation choices will be available at UWinnipeg, specifically designed to encourage and welcome more students to participate in physical activities. The physical and mental health benefits of regular exercise as a stress reducer are well-documented.

Following a series of consultations with the UWinnipeg community and discussions with the UWSA, we are now offering the following new services at our recreation facilities:

  • A beginner and buddy program introduces new fitness users to our facilities in a friendly setting.
  • A mandatory Code of Conduct applies to all students, faculty, staff, community and visitors using UWinnipeg’s recreation facilities.
  • Front-line recreational staff members are receiving training to assist in creating an inclusive environment for all.
  • A pilot project of Reserved Hours dedicates one level of Fitness Centre space to women and non-binary students for 4 hours per week (4% of available recreational time.) It is important to note that all users may access other areas of the Fitness Centre as well as the track and courts at all times during Reserved Hours.
  • A new Fitness Studio (formerly the Mondetta store) is now operational with programming designed to meet the needs of women and non-binary students.
  • Existing fitness spaces are being reconfigured to maximize accessibility.

Gym-use data reveals that 40% of current recreation participants are women, yet women comprise approximately 70% of UWinnipeg’s student population. Our goal is to increase the level of participation among those students who are under-represented in 2017-2018.

We thank everyone for participating in the consultation process and we sincerely hope our enhanced programming will encourage everyone to feel welcome and valued in our recreation facilities. Follow-up consultations will take place in the coming months to help assess the success of the new services.

Dean Melvie

Director, Recreation Facilities

Note: copies of the recreation space schedule and Code of Conduct are available at the front service desk.

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Posted September 2017