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Inner City Jr. Wesmen Win an Opportunity For Higher Education

WINNIPEG, MB – The Inner City Jr. Wesmen basketball program announces the inaugural recipients of a Model School enrolment placement and the tuition credits program in partnership with The University of Winnipeg’s Model School. This is the first of a long-term plan between the two programs to help inner-city kids earn credits that can be used towards higher education.

Earned Place
Grace Fanbullah, a 15-year-old player on the Jr. Wesmen team, has been earned a place into the Model School. Grace, arrived in Canada from Liberia only a few years ago. The Model School will provide Grace with the educational support to help make her dreams of a University education possible.

Three of Grace’s teammates – Martha Asmare, Nyakir Deng and Sabrina Jermei – have been accepted into the Tuition Credit Program. This program allows students to earn credits to help cover their tuition at The University of Winnipeg. Credits are earned for their academic efforts as well as for their commitment to the Jr. Wesmen basketball program. This is just one part of the Opportunity Fund.

Closing the Education Gap
The Opportunity Fund was created to help close the education gap and will help ensure that everyone, regardless of background and socio-economic status, has access to higher education and opportunities. In addition to the tuition credits, the fund includes bursaries for students and micro financing for young, aspiring entrepreneurs.

Gerri Zacharias, the Director of the Model School, indicates that the four 15-year-old students have shown the dedication and promise to achieve their dreams and aspirations through higher education.

The Inner City Jr. Wesmen basketball program was created to bring together involvement in sports with an opportunity for higher education. Players in the program have an opportunity to receive tuition credits for their involvement with the team and may be considered for the acceptance into Model School program.

The Model School is a pilot project to provide select high-school students with the extra attention they need to do well. Individualized learning plans are written for every student which assists them to develop to their fullest potential.

Geri Zacharias, Director, Model School, The University of Winnipeg
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Bob Axworthy, Head Coach, Inner City Jr. Wesmen
P:204.489. 0720