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Jane’s Walk

WINNIPEG, MB – On Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2, Winnipeg will join 60 North American and seven international cities in hosting Jane’s Walk, a tribute to the late Jane Jacobs, renowned urban thinker, writer and promoter of livability and walkable cities. Winnipeg is offering eleven unique walks that range from Echoes of Our Past – A Walk Along the Historic Seine River in St. Boniface – Magical Urban Forest – A Walk in Bois-des-Esprits – Rapid Transit to Mediation walks that are free and open to the public.

“This is a great opportunity for Winnipeggers to see 11 distinct neighbourhoods through the eyes of our passionate residents,” said Jino Distasio, Director of The University of Winnipeg’s Institute of Urban Studies. Distasio will be leading a “walk” through The Heart of Fort Rouge Tour: Riverview a Place with it all on Saturday, May 1.

Passion about where you live
Jane’s Walk is a coordinated series of free neighbourhood walking tours given by locals who care passionately about where they live, work and play. Jane’s Walk is about raising urban literacy by offering a pedestrian-focused event that combines insights into urban history, planning, design and civic engagement with the simple act of walking and observing. Jane’s Walk took place in Toronto and New York in 2007, and includes other fabulous cities like San Francisco, Berlin (Germany), Luska (Zambia), and new comer La Paloma (Uruguay).

Jane’s Walk germinated in Toronto by The Centre for City Ecology (CCE), a think tank influenced by the writings and activism of Jane Jacobs.

The following Winnipeg Jane’s Walks will be occurring over the weekend. Complete details about meeting places and tour times are posted at

A walk through Old St. Vital – 1 hour

Downtown: The Heart of the City – 1.5 hours

Echoes of Our Past – A Walk Along the Historic Seine River in St. Boniface – 2 hours

Rapid Transit Walk – 2 hours

Scotia Heights unique places and play spaces – 1.5 hours

Walking Meditation – 1.5 hours

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