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Juice Journal highlights student writers

The Juice Journal editorial team (left to right): Anne Caprice Claro, Alyssa Johnson, and Ella Nguyen.

The 20th edition of juice journal is now available.

Created entirely by University of Winnipeg students, the annual literary journal offers writers and artists an opportunity to have their work featured in a publication.

The new issue is packed full of luminous talent — it’s a great read.

Dr. Catherine Hunter

Alumna Anne Caprice Claros has been involved with juice in multiple capacities since 2016. Prior to her work as an editor this year, she’s been published in three other editions and also organized and advertised events, volunteered as a poetry reader, and took on proofreading assignments.

“This journal is special not only because it was created in a time of uncertainty across the globe, but also because the specific edition marks 20 years of juice successfully providing a safe place for writers on campus to showcase their talents,” she said.

In total, 100-plus submissions were received from more than 45 students for this edition of juice. 

The editorial team consisted of Claros, assistant editor Alyssa Johnson, and intern Ella Nguyen. Professor Dr. Catherine Hunter and Associate Professor Margaret Sweatman, both from the Department of English, also lent their expertise.

“I’m thrilled that juice is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year,” said Hunter. “Anne Claros, Alyssa Johnson, and Ella Nguyen did a brilliant job. The new issue is packed full of luminous talent — it’s a great read.”

“We encourage all creative writers on campus to seek out juice and consider submitting work for juice 21.”

The biggest hurdle this year was, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. During a normal year, the juice team would gather together with readers, the editorial team, and supervising faculty to discuss the submissions and publication process.

However, due to physical distancing, the journal was largely put together remotely. To ensure the juice team received the same valuable information they do during in-person meetings, they organized an online form for readers to fill out that was then received by the editorial team.

“I believe many would agree that not being able to connect in person was one of the biggest challenges in putting this journal together,” Claros said. “We had to meet the writers via Zoom and sometimes communicate only via email. This meant that the editing process took a little bit longer than it did in previous years.”

As is always the case, a wide range of topics were covered in this edition of juice.

“One of the wonderful things about juice as a journal, in my opinion, is that it does not set limitations through suggested topics,” Claros said. “Whether a piece may be about a random object in a home that sparks creativity like in Ciarra O’Reggio’s Glass Dome Display on the Porch, a story of growth like Latonya Bird’s How the Jingle Dress Healed Me, or an exploration of love like in Maik Friesen’s Radonitsa, there is a certain awareness of self that surfaces just as it has in every edition of juice.”

To order this year’s juice journal, please email your first and last name, how may copies you want, and if you’ll be picking them up or would like them shipped.

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