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Mauro shoots new documentary on future of Canada’s oceans

WINNIPEG, MB – UWinnipeg’s Dr. Ian Mauro, department of geography, has just returned from a month long film shoot across British Columbia for a new project on climate change and oceans in the Pacific region.

“In 32 days, we interviewed 50 people across British Columbia – including First Nations, scientists, elected officials, business leaders and citizens – exploring the impacts of climate change on coastal communities, oceans and the province as a whole”, says Mauro.

This new documentary video project is linked to a $2.5 million Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) partnership grant announced today that includes 15 Canadian universities, non-governmental organizations, Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The OceanCanada Partnership will look at the challenges and opportunities facing oceans and the coastal communities that depend on them. It was one of 13 Partnership Grants awarded nation-wide this year and is led by UBC. Mauro is co-leading the “Communication and Outreach” working group through the University of Winnipeg.

“Over the next six years, we will be collaborating with academic and community partners across the country,” says Mauro. “Using a diversity of multi-media and social networking tools, we will be collecting and mobilizing knowledge regarding the current and future state of Canada’s oceans.

“University of Winnipeg faculty members continue to both lead and collaborate on large scale research initiatives,” said Dr. Jino Distasio, Associate Vice President, Research and Innovation; Director, Institute of Urban Studies. “UWinnipeg faculty are a part of a network of Canadian researchers collaborating on important national issues related to climate change. The outcome of such research will be of critical importance to the fields of study.”

Mauro’s latest film in the Pacific, once complete, will be part of his climate and coastal communities trilogy along with Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change and Climate Change in Atlantic Canada. He also plans to make a research film on OceanCanada and its impact.

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