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Meet our Autumn Valedictorian – Anna Evans-Boudreau

Anna Evans-Boudreau ©UWinnipeg

Anna Evans-Boudreau discovered her passion for sociology at The University of Winnipeg.

After finishing high school, she left Winnipeg for McGill University in Montreal. However, it wasn’t the right fit for her and she took time off, returned home, and became a yoga teacher.

Now, she’s graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in sociology.

“I was thinking school just wasn’t for me when I left McGill, but when I came to UWinnipeg I immediately fell in love with the environment, the professors, and how you can make those important connections,” she said.

Some of those influential professors were Colin Goff, Abigail Klassen, and, most notably, Kimberley Ducey, whom Evans-Boudreau calls “like family.”

“I’ve never met anyone who’s so meant to be a professor and never fails to have a smile on her face like Kimberley Ducey,” she said. “When you’re talking to her, you know she really cares about what you’re interested in.”

Looking forward, Evans-Boudreau’s sights are set on law school with a specific focus on criminal law, human rights law, and law pertaining to Indigenous legal traditions and relations.

“Majoring in sociology has made me see that experiences often labeled and stigmatized as the fault of individuals are actually the result of larger societal issues,” she said. “I feel like law is one of the most effective vehicles to continue what I love about sociology.”

As she reflects on her four years at UWinnipeg, Evans-Boudreau offers this piece of advice for her fellow graduates: “Don’t be too hard on yourself — learning is not linear. After graduating, you’ll find out a lot about your limits and also your abilities.”