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Meet UWinnipeg’s 2023 Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Hunter Scholars

Adrianna Strempler and Tim Rozovsky are standing in front of book shelving in the library.

2023 Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Hunter Scholars Adrianna Strempler and Tim Rozovsky.

While University of Winnipeg students Adrianna Strempler and Tim Rozovsky are on different journeys, they are both on the same path of academic success and both plan to work in medicine.

Strempler and Rozovsky are this year’s recipients of the Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Hunter Scholarship, which is awarded to undergraduate students with high academic standing, outstanding leadership qualities, and significant extracurricular involvements on campus.

Meet Tim Rozovsky

Rozovsky is articulate and focused on his career goals. He was born in Russia and immigrated with his mother to Israel as a child. Rozovsky arrived in a new country and adapted to a new language and culture, yet still excelled at school. After high school, and completing his Israeli Military service with distinction, he was encouraged to join his family in Canada.

Since arriving in Canada, Rozovsky is pursuing his passion for fitness and advocates others to lead a healthy lifestyle. This, combined with his fascination with human physiology and research, led him to pursue a Bachelor of Kinesiology Honours at UWinnipeg.

My goal is to be able to create even more meaningful change by becoming a doctor, to treat and heal the most vulnerable in our community.

Tim Rozovsky

“This degree complements my work as a personal trainer while giving me the necessary background in biology and human anatomy, which prepared me well for my future career choice of becoming a physician,” said Rozovsky.

Rozovsky graduates this month and is starting a Master’s program in Physiology and Pathophysiology at the St. Boniface Hospital and the University of Manitoba this fall. He will be conducting research in the area of heart failure prevention in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. 

“It feels great receiving recognition for my years of hard work as I strive for excellence in my studies and in research, and it gives me the motivation to continue and become the best version of myself,” shared Rozovsky.  “I have had the pleasure of being mentored by and working with brilliant instructors and professors who guided and supported me on my academic journey at UWinnipeg.”

Despite his hectic schedule, Rozovsky works as a personal trainer and finds time to volunteer with Holocaust Survivors through the Jewish Child and Family Service, and also volunteers as a powerlifting coach for Special Olympics Manitoba.

Rozovsky has spoken to physicians who travel to northern communities in Canada for work and is inspired by the work they do. His mother, a distinguished pediatric radiologist working at Health Sciences Centre, has served as his main role model throughout his life.

“My goal is to be able to create even more meaningful change by becoming a doctor, to treat and heal the most vulnerable in our community,” shared Rozovsky. “Through my work in fitness as well as my UWinnipeg education, I learned that by being proactive with our health and mitigating modifiable risk factors for disease, we can prevent much misery and suffering, and that is something I would like to focus on, going forward.”

Meet Adrianna Strempler

Strempler comes from a long line of UWinnipeg alumni. She has a contagious energy that is reflected in all that she does within her community, her studies, and her interest in biology.

From a young age, Strempler looked forward to her biology classes and was curious to learn how intricate biological systems function.

I am passionate about healthcare and I want to have a positive impact on people’s lives through medical care.

Adrianna Strempler

“I love putting together the puzzle pieces of the complexities of the human body and seeing the new discoveries and innovations that biologists have been making in the last decade,” she said. “I am passionate about healthcare and I want to have a positive impact on people’s lives through medical care.”

Strempler plans on putting her knowledge of biological systems to good use in the field of medicine and medical research. She wants to be a general practitioner and open her own clinic in Manitoba to be close to family.

When not in class, Strempler is active within her community. She has served as an assistant coach for a girls’ basketball team, a recreational assistant at a personal care home, and a volunteer and mentor as a Big Sister, all while always maintaining a high academic standing and earning several other scholarships.

Strempler is grateful for her UWinnipeg experience, as the small class sizes and approachable professors gave her a feeling of belonging, and for the Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Hunter Scholarship, which provided her more time to study and volunteer.

This coming September, she is entering her last year at UWinnipeg as she completes her Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Minor in Statistics.

The Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Hunter Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. R.O.A. Hunter, Third Chancellor of The University of Winnipeg, and his wife, Doris Hunter. 

An alumnus of United College, Dr. Hunter was Senior Stick of his graduating class in 1937. He went on to study law at UManitoba and upon graduation served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. After the war, he started a 25-year career with the Great-West Life Assurance Company and finished his working career at James Richardson and Sons.

A great believer in supporting the community, he served as President of Ducks Unlimited in 1974 and was the second Campaign Chairman of the United Way. He served as Chair of the Board of Regents for 19 years and as Chancellor from 1978 to 1984. In 1971, UWinnipeg awarded him an Honorary Doctorate and, in 2000, he was named a Member of the Order of Canada.

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