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Monograph on Electric Bicycles in Manitoba Released

WINNIPEG, MB – The Centre for Sustainable Transportation (CST) at The University of Winnipeg announced today the release of a research monograph on electric bicycles in Manitoba.

Electric Bicycles in Manitoba 
Sustainable Transportation includes active transportation: human motive power, including walking and cycling. There is a perceived sense of increased use of bicycles and electric, or power assisted, bicycles resulting from a combination of economic, social and environmental factors. This report provides a first-order inventory of electric bicycles in Manitoba.

Electric bicycles look fairly similar to regular bicycles, and typically have a top speed of around 30 km/h without pedaling, and a range of 20-40 km on a four-hour charge.

Emerging Trend in North America
There are an estimated 500 electric (or power-assisted) bicycle units or conversion kits that have been sold in the province Manitoba since 2007. More than half of these are Schwinn electric bicycles sold at Canadian Tire. Another major retailer of power-assisted bicycles, Portage Avenue Cycle and Sports, has estimated that they have sold more than 200 units.

Electric bicycles, often called Power-Assisted Bicycles, are an emerging trend in North American markets. This CST’s Research Monograph provides a summary of available information on electric bicycle retailers, models and conversion kits utilized, and units sold in Manitoba within the last five years.

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