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New book on mothers finding feminism

UWinnipeg Professor Dr. Fiona Green

University of Winnipeg Professor Dr. Fiona Joy Green, a self-described white, temporarily-able bodied, cisgender, straight, feminist mother who believes in the power of revolutionary feminist parenting, has published her eighth book, Coming Into Being: Mothers on Finding and Realizing Feminism.

The collection, co-edited by Dr. Green, Dr. Andrea O’Reilly, York University, and Victoria Bailey, poet and PhD candidate, is published by Demeter Press.

This compelling compilation of international contributors examines complex experiences of unifying mothering and feminism through their experiences of motherhood and meets the ongoing need for telling how mothering and feminism converge and inform each other.

“The pieces within the book showcase how feminist mothers stand in opposition to harmful interlocking systemic social and cultural practices, and how they enact empowered and matricentric feminist mothering that uplifts all,” said Dr. Green. “It reveals and celebrates the contribution of feminist mothering to feminisms, parenting, and families.”

A wide variety of texts explore unique discriminations and oppressions, as well as new challenges and possibilities, through personal and scholarly essays, creative non-fiction, letters and Q&A-style discussion, poetry, art, and photography.

A copy of the collection can be found in the UWinnipeg Library, at the UWinnipeg Campus Store, or online on Demeter Press’ website

About Dr. Green

Dr. Fiona Joy Green, UWinnipeg Professor in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS), teaches a range of undergraduate WGS courses from first year to honours, and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Education and in the Department of Community Health Sciences. 

Dr. Green is interested in the agency of children and parents, exploring parenting practices that support the gender fluidity of children, and the ability of matroreform and feminist motherlines to contribute to feminist parenting, feminist theorizing, and feminist praxis. She’s also the co-author of the website Family Blog Lines: Ta[l]king Care, which explores ways to invoke privacy values and boundary setting when thinking about family engagement with media and technologies in the liberatory tradition of feminism that recognizes advocacy and agency.

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