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Nova Scotia government releases report on hydraulic fracturing

Dr. Ian Mauro

Dr. Ian Mauro

WINNIPEG, MB – UWinnipeg’s Dr. Ian Mauro, department of geography, served on an expert panel on hydraulic fracturing in Nova Scotia and the government released their final report today. They will consider the report as part of its decision on the role of hydraulic fracturing in the development of onshore oil and gas resources.

“It was an intensive process, reviewing the literature, taking public feedback into account, and preparing a holistic report that acknowledges the complex nature of this type of industrial development,” says Mauro. “I’m pleased to have served on this expert panel and hope that it helps inform policy and citizen participation in this process”.

The report addresses the geology of unconventional hydrocarbons and potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing on socio-economic, environmental and cultural dimensions specifically in Nova Scotia. Mauro’s contribution focused on a participatory risk assessment of the industry, analyzing public submissions to the expert panel, and their linkages with literature in the natural and social sciences.

Mauro is one of nine highly qualified experts serving on an Independent Review and Public Consultation in Nova Scotia done in collaboration with Cape Breton University. Mauro and his colleagues were selected out of a specialized pool of 70 individuals that represent the required skill-sets identified to meet the needs of the panel and stakeholders involved.

For more information visit the Expert Panel and its outcomes and view final Report.

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