The University of Winnipeg



Provincial Funding Supports New Aboriginal Film and Video Festival

An Aboriginal speakers forum organized by the University of Winnipeg will be expanded this year to include a film and video festival with funding from the provincial government, Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Minister Oscar Lathlin announced today.

“I am pleased we are able to support this project, as the University of Winnipeg’s first Aboriginal Speakers Series last year was quite a success story,” said Lathlin. “We are highlighting one of our hidden treasures and that is the ability of local filmmakers to present valuable information on issues that are key to Aboriginal people.”

The event, which is receiving $10,000 from Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs, is intended to educate, inspire and entertain viewers and will feature works produced by Aboriginal people with a focus on youth.

This year’s speakers series and film and video festival will also involve participants from inner-city schools, adult education centres and youth agencies in Winnipeg to help build more awareness about Aboriginal issues among young people.

“Our film industry brings stories to life, and lets many voices be heard,” said Culture, Heritage and Tourism Minister Eric Robinson. “This film and video festival will highlight the stories and perspectives of Aboriginal people and bring another unique creative element to this event.”

The speakers series was held for the first time last year and included many prominent Aboriginal speakers who shared their vast knowledge and personal experiences to the benefit of the participants.

The festival will be held in conjunction with the speakers series today and tomorrow. The event is open to the public and is free of charge.