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Science Culture: Where Canada Stands

Canada Research Chair in Science Education in Cultural Contexts - Dr. Dawn Sutherland

Canada Research Chair in Science Education in Cultural Contexts – Dr. Dawn Sutherland

A newly released report by the Council of Canadian Academies entitled, Science Culture: Where Canada Stands, presents a comprehensive examination of Canada’s science culture. Through the examination of a variety of data collections, the report helps to paint the clearest picture of Canada’s science culture and science culture support system in 25 years.

The report represents the work of a multidisciplinary panel of experts, of which, Dr. Dawn Sutherland, was a member. The Panel’s report contains the results of a new public survey that assesses Canadians’ science attitudes, engagement, and knowledge; reviews data on Canadians’ science skills and the current peer-reviewed literature on science culture; and also features an inventory and analysis of the organizations and programs that support and promote science culture in Canada, particularly among youth.

Science is a fundamental part of Canadian culture and society, affecting both individual and social life. Though governments around the world recognize the importance of science in developing an innovative, knowledge-based economy, understanding society’s complex and evolving relationship with science is vital to ensure it continues to improve and enrich the lives of everyone. As such, the report’s examination of science culture support systems and strategies can be used to cultivate and sustain a strong science culture for years to come.

The full report is available for download, free of charge, on the Council’s website (

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