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Statistics Canada welcomes UWinnipegger

Jody Krahn, photo supplied

Jody Krahn, photo supplied

Jobs with Statistics Canada are highly competitive.  Only offered to 15 top students yearly from across Canada, UWinnipeg is proud to have statistics student Jody Krahn join their ranks as a methodologist.  Krahn looks forward to the opportunity to apply her statistics expertise.

Thanks to her studies at UWinnipeg, she feels well-prepared for her career as a statistician, designing and analyzing a high volume of statistical data that is translated to help better understand research. 

Her application process took several months and includes an exam, “Every statistics course I have taken at UWinnipeg has contributed to preparing me for the application process – and therefore also the job itself – allowing me to be well-rounded,” shared Krahn.

Statistics Canada samples, collects, acquires, cleans, corrects, combines, and analyzes data to explain statistical information related to many aspects of Canada’s economy and society. They produce statistics by conducting censuses every five years and by conducting numerous surveys by interpreting data coming from a very broad range of data sources.

Professor and Department Chair, Dr. Anna Stokke, notes that the mathematics and statistics program at UWinnipeg is a nationally recognized program that helps students like Krahn meet the needs of a data-driven competitive job market.
“Jody is an excellent student and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is so proud of her achievements,” said Stokke. “Our excellent faculty have prepared Jody, through relevant courses and research opportunities, for her new job with Statistics Canada.”

Krahn has always had an interest in solving math problems, “Statistics allows me to apply mathematical theory and techniques to investigate real-life phenomena and discover patterns in order to make predictions,” said Krahn. “With statistics you are not limited to a specific geographic location or a certain area of research – there is a lot of freedom to apply it anywhere.”

This summer Krahn will be working with UWinnipeg’s Dr. Shakhawat Hossain on a project in statistics.

“We are working on formulating a statistical model to join two types of data (longitudinal and survival data) and applying a shrinkage estimation technique to improve the precision of our estimates,” shared Krahn.”

Krahn graduates this spring and moves to Ottawa to take her post in this highly sought out position in the fall.

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