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Student journal launches today

Rooted in Rhetoric, an annual journal that features a collection of masterfully articulated prose from across disciplines written and edited by students, is launching today, Thursday, November 10, at 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. in room 3G11 (in Graham Hall).
This year’s Rooted in Rhetoric journal includes a record 15 contributors and six editors who are taking academic writing and rhetoric courses. Titles in this journal include Terry Crews’ Amazon Advertisement, a rhetorical citique by Kelsey Tishinski; Indigenous Resistance, Infrastructure Projects, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women,  a research essay by Sarah Seroy; and High Ceilings and Persian Rugs, a personal essay by Alvena Ali Wasim.

Working on Rooted in Rhetoric is an exciting and rewarding experience.

Sarah Seroy

“As faculty members in the department, we are honoured to work with such talented students,” said Dr. Helen Lepp Friesen, Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications.

The student editors all volunteer their time to consider and edit student submissions. Submissions are assignments that students submit to the journal for publication.

“I really enjoyed working on the Rooted in Rhetoric journal with fellow students who share the same love and passion for writing as I do,” said Ashley Hantscher, Rooted in Rhetoric editor. “I was amazed by the quality of work of those who contributed to the journal and think the theme really speaks to the student experience during the pandemic.”

Seroy, who is both a contributor and an editor, encourages students to get involved with the journal. She adds, “Working on Rooted in Rhetoric is an exciting and rewarding experience. It is a great opportunity for students to network, share their ideas, and get their writing published. It’s also a chance to gain editing experience.

Rooted in Rhetoric welcomes contributions that illustrate the breadth of critical thought and course work that is represented in rhetoric, writing, and communications. Submissions include critiques, narratives, comics, photo voice projects, excerpts from research papers, descriptions, and summaries.

Cover art was done by Trinity Chartier.

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