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Taylor Mitchell discovers her passion at UWinnipeg

Taylor Mitchell standing standing on a pathway at UWinnipeg in the summer.

UWinnipeg environmental studies and science student Taylor Mitchell originally came to UWinnipeg to take prerequisites for pharmacy. She decided to take the Human-Environmental Interactions course, something she was interested her and could boost her GPA. After her first environmental science class with Dr. Darshani Kumaragamage, she had a eureka moment. She discovered she could further her knowledge about something she truly cared about, the environment. She is now studying forest ecology and is the winner of the Manitoba Forestry Association Dr. Alan B. Beaven Forestry Scholarship.

“Most of my life I have had anxiety surrounding environmental issues, seeing videos about global warming has always made me very sad and instilled feelings of hopelessness thinking no one was making enough effort,” shared Mitchell. “Taking this path in university has given me hope. I am reassured that there are people working towards solutions – and I can be a part of it!”

Mitchell enjoys studying the aspects of environmental sciences and learning about plants and nature at UWinnipeg. She likes the small class sizes and how her professors are approachable and accessible.

As she continues on her academic path at UWinnipeg, now in her fourth year of studies, she has several favourite professors from across disciplines that have had a positive impact on her UWinnipeg experience. 

Dr. Danny Blair does a great job explaining the earth’s processes and he solidified my decision to switch into environmental sciences,” shared Mitchell. “His passion for understanding and solving world climate problems also inspired me. Dr. Alan Diduck (environmental studies and sciences) is humorous and has remarkable patience and Dr. Stefan Dodds (economics) is also humourous and makes his lectures interesting and engaging.”

She also notes Heather Patrick (religion and culture) was a supportive teacher who cares about her students, “She is extremely organized, and her classes are a breath of fresh air.”

Post-graduation Mitchell plans to continue her path in environmental conscientiousness and hopes to find a job that has purpose and meaning. Her UWinnipeg experience has allowed her to investigate varied interests which enabled her to find a path she is passionate about.

Her advice for first-year students is based on her own experience at UWinnipeg. She says, “Don’t get overwhelmed about knowing exactly what you want to do.  Take courses with subjects that you are strong in and courses that interest you. The path may change a few times and that is good thing! It means you are finding your true passion and making your way to a purposeful career.”

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