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The ‘Fuss’ about research

David Fuss

David Fuss, photo courtesy of UWinnipeg

UWinnipeg student David Fuss is currently in his fourth year of biochemistry and is the winner of the John Roberts Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research 2015. Fuss has a personal interest in organic synthetic chemistry and is looking into the Truce-Smiles rearrangement under the direction of Dr. Tabitha Wood, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry.

“David has the attributes of a successful researcher: an inquisitive, analytical mind and an energetic, positive attitude,” shared Wood. “He’s very resourceful and has explored different opportunities for working as a research assistant.”

At first Fuss was not certain about research, “I wanted to explore the idea of doing research,” said Fuss. “I wanted to engage in the process and see if I would enjoy it. And after taking a class with Dr. Wood, I knew I wanted to conduct research with her.”

Fuss credits UWinnipeg for offering him many opportunities and honing his research, analysis and critical thinking skills.  “I love The University of Winnipeg,” shared Fuss. “I wanted to be in a close community. It feels like a family, and you can get to know people really well, including your professors.”

Fuss has served as a laboratory demonstrator, and said of the experience, “I enjoy sharing my passion for learning and connecting with students.”

When he’s not studying or researching, Fuss finds time to volunteer. His service includes being a palliative care volunteer at the Steinbach Bethesda Regional Health Care Center and an emergency ambassador at Victoria General Hospital, work he says has contributed to his developing a strong interest in becoming a physician.

In addition to his high academic achievement and love for research, Fuss has a taste for cultural diversity and adventure. Since coming to UWinnipeg, he has lived in a different home in a different neighbourhood in the city each year.

“This year, I am living with a Sri Lankan family, and I am excited to learn about their culture, food, and religion, which is vastly different from my own,” explained Fuss, who is originally from Stuttgart, Germany.

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