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UWinnipeg history prof launches new book

Live Close to Home book cover, photo supplied

Live Close to Home book cover, photo supplied

UWinnipeg’s Dr. Peter Denton (History) is launching his new book Live Close to Home (Rocky Mountain Books) on Sunday, November 27, 2016 2:00 pm at McNally Robinson, Grant Park, 1120 Grant Avenue.

As individuals and as a culture and society, we have increasingly emphasized the global village over the village in which we actually live. Our preference for the faraway is at the heart of the environmental and social catastrophes that today seem utterly unavoidable. If things are going to change, there are four words of power we need to embrace: Live close to home.

If we do, if we focus on changing and improving the aspects of our lives over which we have control, the system effects of such a transformation can only be positive for ourselves, our families, our communities and the world.

Peter Denton is the author of Gift Ecology and Technology and Sustainability. He has been teaching interdisciplinary variations on the theme of technology, ethics and sustainability across Canada for 30 years. Denton is an activist, writer, editor, speaker and consultant, as well as an ordained minister of the United Church of Canada.