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The University of Winnipeg: A Vibrant Research Climate

WINNIPEG—Well known for its stellar faculty and award-winning students, The University of Winnipeg is also home to a vibrant research community.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SHHRC) recently recognized the achievements of University of Winnipeg researchers with nearly a half-million dollars in grants, the highest amount ever received by The University of Winnipeg. This year, University of Winnipeg researchers applied to SHHRC for 12 grants. Six were approved; a 50 per cent success rate that tops the national average of 41 per cent. This increase in grants is a 100% improvement on last year, when three grants were awarded to researchers at The University of Winnipeg, and an even more dramatic improvement over 2001, when the total was zero. For 2003, the total grant amount from SSHRC is $490,100.

Results were equally impressive in the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) competition. For 2003, UWinnipeg’s success rate was 70%, for a total of $348,315 from NSERC

SHHRC Results (2003):

  • Alan Diduck, “Responding to Complexity, Uncertainty, and Conflict: Case Studies of Social Learning in Resource and Environmental Management”(Grant: $92,100)
  • Chris Leo, “Community Governance in a Globalizing World: A Critical Evaluation of Three Canadian Models”(Grant: $85,000)
  • Roy Loewen, “The Diasporic Culture of Canadian Low-German Mennonites in the Americas, 1922-1997″(Grant: $92,000)
  • Carolyn Podruchny, “Linguistic Encounters: A Case Study of Roman Catholic Missionary Georges-Antoine Belcourt’s Unpublished Nineteenth-Century French-Ojibwa Dictionary”(Grant: $131,000)
  • Paul Trapnell, “Facets and Factors of Right Wing Authoritarianism”(Grant: $34,100)
  • Albert Welter, “The Formation of the Linji lu and the Making of Linji Chan Buddhism”(Grant: $55,800)

NSERC Results (2003):

  • Ed Cloutis, “Churchill Northern Studies Centre research support enhancement”(Grant: $77,000)
  • Randy Kobes, “Quantum and non-linear physics”(Grant: $46,000)
  • Gabor Kunstatter, “Quantum theory and its physical applications”(Grant: $46,000)
  • Ron McFadyen, “Semi-structured data-base systems”(Grant: $12,000)
  • Claudio Stasolla, “Physiology and molecular biology of conifer embryogensis”(Grant: $35,000)
  • Claudio Stasolla, “Epifluorescent microscope equipped with digital camera”(Grant: $62,315)
  • Desiree Vanderwel, “Regulation of sex pheromone biosynthesis in female yellow mealworm beetles”(Grant: $21,000)
  • Doug Williams, “Animal and human associative learning”(Grant: $35,000)


The University of Winnipeg, located in the heart of the city, is a compact, caring community committed to access and excellence in the arts and sciences. Ranked by Maclean’s magazine as one of Canada’s top four undergrad universities, UWinnipeg is home to more than 8,000 students. The University of Winnipeg offers over 400 courses in 40 subject areas from filmmaking to forensics. The University of Winnipeg is distinguished for the meaningful connections made between students and award-winning professors.

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