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UWinnipeg business student recognized with national scholarship

Samarah McRorie is one of 10 university business students from across Canada to receive the Futures Fund Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership. Supplied photo.

Samarah McRorie is one of 10 university business students from across Canada to receive the Futures Fund Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership.

Awarded annually by Canada’s Outstanding CEO of the Year, McRorie is being recognized for her exemplary leadership in both academic and extra-curricular initiatives.

As part of the award, she’s receiving a $10,000 scholarship to further her educational ambitions and is also being flown to Toronto for the Award Gala Dinner at the Royal Ontario Museum on February 6.

“I still can’t grasp it, it’s incredible,” the third-year University of Winnipeg student said. “It’s definitely humbling and I don’t think I can properly convey the words to show how grateful I am for it.”

McRorie originally completed a Bachelor in Arts degree at UWinnipeg through an affiliation program at the School of Contemporary Dancers. She said that experience influenced her decision to continue to study at UWinnipeg and pursue a business degree.

“Ultimately, UWinnipeg was a sound choice for me because I really value the atmosphere, relationships, and intimacy of the campus, along with how connected you can be to the city here too,” she explained.

UWinnipeg economics instructor Kerry-Ann Spencer Williams said it’s not surprising McRorie would be selected for this prestigious scholarship.

“It becomes quickly evident upon getting to know Samarah that she is meticulous, ambitious, and forward-thinking, yet personable, empathetic, and authentic,” said Spencer Williams. “She is attentive to the lectures, internalizes written materials, takes advantage of all the resources available, and consults with the instructor continuously throughout the term to enhance her understanding of the principles and theories studied. In other words, she is always prepared.”

While receiving the award is a huge honour, McRorie said the money will go a long way to helping her completely focus on her studies without worrying about finances.

“Once the shock wore off, it was immediately a relief because I can have the confidence to know I can continue focusing on my education and graduate without having the immediate stresses of how I’m going to pay the tuition.”

McRorie was also recognized for her community work outside of school.

“Samarah maintains the balance between being a talented business and political science student and being a compassionate humanitarian,” said Spencer Williams. “Her involvement in Leadership Winnipeg at this early stage in her career shows that she is intentionally embracing the role of being a model citizen and community leader. As much as Samarah is a university student, she is a student of life — and that is the key to her success.”

For the past year, McRorie has spent every Friday morning at the HSC Children’s Hospital in the playroom with infants to five year olds.

She’s also a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Manitoba’s Women Build program, which brings women from all walks of life together to foster courage, confidence, and self-esteem while building affordable housing for families.

“I want to gain perspective and stay humble,” McRorie said of her volunteering. “I like to think I’m not giving an organization money, but I’m giving them my heart.”

McRorie has been enjoying the first few weeks of the Winter Term before readying for the trip to Toronto for the gala dinner.

Of all the things she’s looking forward to, it’s meeting the other nine scholarship awardees.

“It’s nice to have the opportunity to expand your network with individuals in similar situations to yourself from across Canada,” McRorie noted. “It’s invaluable to have those kinds of friendships, so I’m looking forward to it.”