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UWinnipeg faculty member receives Starkey-Robinson Award

Dr. Matt Dyce

Dr. Matt Dyce

The Canadian Association of Geographers has awarded Dr. Matt Dyce, Assistant Professor in UWinnipeg’s Department of Geography, the 2015 Starkey-Robinson Award for Graduate Research on Canada. The award is in recognition of Dyce’s dissertation A spatial history of Canada : archives, knowledge, and geography, which explores in detail the great influence geographers and geographical knowledge had on the formation of national and regional Canadian identities, while tracing the transmission of this knowledge across Canada since 1867.

“This prestigious award showcases Dr. Dyce’s tremendous research excellence and scholarship,” says Dr. Jino Distasio, UWinnipeg Associate Vice President, Research and Innovation. “It is also this type of research that will continue to drive his academic career at the University of Winnipeg.”

Each year, Canadian Universities with graduate programs in geography are invited to make a single nomination for the Starkey-Robinson Award. In nominating Dyce, University of British Columbia professor Dr. Graeme Wynn noted the highly original nature of the work, describing it as an “outstanding contribution to understanding the geography of Canada” likely to have a significant impact on the discipline.