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UWinnipeg hosts Mobilizing Justice Conference May 5 – 7

Explore interdisciplinary perspectives on law, crime, justice, and mobilities

Drs. Kelly Gorkoff, Katharina Maier, Steven Kohm and Kevin Walby. ©UWinnipeg

Experts on mobilizing justice are gathering virtually from May 5 – 7 for three days of free, public lectures as part of the conference Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law, Crime, Justice, and Mobilities

This conference brings together scholars from many disciplinary backgrounds to share perspectives on law, crime, justice, and mobilities.

Dr. Kelly Gorkoff

The conference has been held at UWinnipeg since 2009. It is organized collaboratively by UWinnipeg’s Department of Criminal Justice and The Centre for Interdisciplinary Justice Studies (CIJS), bringing together leading and emerging scholars, practitioners, and community members to examine how justice intersects with social, economic, cultural, and political life online. 

Researchers, students, and practitioners from across Canada and the U.S. attend this annual conference, but it is also open to anyone interested in learning interdisciplinary perspectives on law, crime, justice, and mobilities.

Each year, the research discussed at this conference is published in The Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research (IJR), a double-blind peer-review journal analyzing law, justice, and related disciplines. This year’s conference marks 10 years since the journal began providing scholars, students, justice professionals, and activists with a venue to disseminate research on a broad range of issues in crime, law, and justice. 

“This conference brings together scholars from many disciplinary backgrounds to share perspectives on law, crime, justice, and mobilities,” said Dr. Kelly Gorkoff, Chair, Department of Criminal Justice. “I am looking forward to hearing from our keynote speakers who will be sharing their research in areas such as gender-based violence, mobile work and mental health, and digitally-driven policing technologies.”

Featured speakers

Wednesday, May 5, 6:00 – 6:45 pm:
Mobilizing Knowledge for Wicked Problems: Lessons Learned from Gender-Based Violence Research
Dr. Nadine Wathen, Canada Research Chair in Mobilizing Knowledge on Gender-Based Violence at Western University

Thursday, May 6, from 12:30 – 1:15 pm:
Your Money or Your Life: The Human Costs of Fly-in Fly-out Resource Sector Work
Dr. Sara Dorow, professor and chair of sociology at the University of Alberta, and former founding director of the Community Service-Learning Program at the University of Alberta

Friday, May 7, 11:45 am – 12:30 pm:
Weaponized Transparency and the Carceral Surround

Dr. Joshua Scannell, assistant professor of digital media theory at New School’s School of Media Studies, New York

The event is free but pre-registration is required. View the conference program and schedule of events for information on these talks and more. This initiative is supported by the SSHRC Connections Program, as well as UWinnipeg’s Research Office and Department of Criminal Justice. 

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