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UWinnipeg introduces new program for non-traditional students

Dr. Shauna MacKinnon, ©UWinnipeg

Dr. Shauna MacKinnon, ©UWinnipeg

Some mature students face fears and obstacles to pursue a university degree. UWinnipeg has created a program to help non-traditional mature students return to university with the Beginning University Successfully (BUS) program. BUS gives these students access to UWinnipeg and is  offered through Urban and Inner-City Studies (UIC).

“We are excited to be re-launching our BUS program at our new location at Merchants Corner,” said Dr. Shauna MacKinnon, Chair and Associate Professor, Urban and Inner-City Studies. “We know from previous years that BUS is an important program for students who have experienced barriers to pursuing a university education. UIC’s BUS program provides them with the tools they need to make the transition to university a positive experience.”

The program consists of two university courses: Academic Writing and Introduction to University, and a third non-credit course called Foundations for Success. Foundations for Success is a life skills program that focuses on developing skills such as time management, communication, conflict resolution, personal budgeting and goal setting. Students who successfully complete BUS (attain a minimum of C in the two university courses) will be granted mature status at the university. The BUS program is offered at Urban and Inner-City Studies Merchants corner campus. 

“In BUS we strive to create a safe, supportive learning environment that creates a foundation upon which the students’ future academic success is based” said Andrea Canada, UWinnipeg Academic Coordinator. “Our hope is after successful completion of the BUS Program these students will pursue a degree in urban and inner-city studies.”

Urban and Inner-City Studies (UIC)
UIC is an interdisciplinary Major which falls within the Faculty of Arts. Concerned with the examination of the city as a dynamic environment, our program combines a traditional urban studies focus with courses that examine various aspects of the inner city such as the urban Indigenous experience, the immigrant and refugee experience, and the role of women. 

A range of post-secondary options are available to students:
· Certificate in Urban and Inner-City Studies (30 credit hours)
· Certificate in Community Advocacy (30 credit hours)
· 3-year Bachelor of Arts (90 credit hours)
· 4-year Bachelor of Arts (120 credit hours)
· Honors Bachelor of Arts (120 credit hours)