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UWinnipeg offers official digital documents through MyCreds™

Students and graduates of The University of Winnipeg now have 24/7 access to transcripts, parchments, and letters of confirmation for enrolment or graduation in their own virtual credential wallet through MyCreds. This means students and graduates will get their documents when they need them – safe and secure.

How it works

Through MyCreds, students will be able to access and share their academic documents with other colleges and universities, government, employers, and third parties. UWinnipeg issues the documents to the platform, where students can access and share them with an authorized third party. The documents are cryptographically signed, making them authentic and official. Service is available in English and French.

“The University of Winnipeg is excited to be implementing the MyCreds platform and joining the national network,” said Colin Russell, Registrar. “We look forward to aiding our students’ mobility and expediting their access to their own information. We also look forward to more efficient data exchange with fellow educational institutions and other entities, nationally and internationally.”

How it helps

This digital system has benefits for students and alumni, and also for UWinnipeg.

Students and alumni get control over their documents and because they can share them when they need to, it saves time and money. This means learners have more mobility and flexibility and can get admission decisions faster.

Institutions see the same flexibility and faster admission decisions. Other benefits include streamlined workflow, reduced document fraud, plus connection to industry and other higher education institutions.

Third parties, such as employers, get the most up-to-date documents directly from the issuing institution, meaning fewer delays in hiring decisions.

UWinnipeg is the first university in Manitoba to be registered to both receive and issue documents and credentials through MyCreds, while also issuing badges.

To learn more about MyCreds and how it works, visit UWinnipeg’s web page.

About MyCreds

MyCreds™ is a national, shared service and platform that gives students and graduates access to a secure, online, password-protected credential wallet. This virtual wallet allows them to view and share their verified official transcripts, credentials, and academic documents digitally. It also enables sharing between organizations with the learner’s permission. Secure, cryptographically signed documents need no further verification. MyCreds is the first and only national bilingual system of its kind in Canada. Visit for more details.


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