The University of Winnipeg



UWinnipeg Rates High in Globe & Mail National Survey on Universities: Strong Reviews for Quality of Education & Undergraduate Studies


The 2006 Globe & Mail Report Card once again rated The University of Winnipeg high among Canada’s small-to-medium-sized universities. UWinnipeg performed strongest in the areas of class sizes and quality of education when compared to other institutions with student populations between 4,000 and 12,000:

Class Sizes: A+ (Tied for 1st)
Quality of Education: A (Tied for 1st)
Faculty Availability Outside Classroom Hours: A (Tied for 2nd)
Faculty Members’ Knowledge of Subjects: A (Tied for 2nd)
Teaching Quality: A- (Tied for 2nd)
Faculty-Student Interaction: A- (Tied for 3rd)

“Faculty members at The University of Winnipeg have once again demonstrated their excellence by offering our students a positive learning environment and providing them with a strong foundation for their future careers and life,” said UWinnipeg President Lloyd Axworthy. “Our professors and instructors should be commended for their hard work in the classroom and for being available to support our students.”

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