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UWinnipeg Researcher Discusses Threat To Lake Winnipeg on Global TV

Dr. Charles Wong, who is Canada Research Chair in Environmental Toxicology and an Associate Professor in Chemistry and Environmental Studies at The University of Winnipeg, was recently featured on  Global TV’s Morning News. A civil-environmental engineer, Dr. Wong discussed his current research project, which focuses on environmental protection of Lake Winnipeg and its watershed.

Dr. Wong’s research focuses on the detection, occurrence, fate, and effects of chemicals on the environment. In particular, his research team is interested in finding new and improved ways to treat waste water that enters the watershed and which can contribute to problems in the lake.  This includes not only traditional waste water contaminants, such as nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen), but also emerging organic chemicals from human and veterinary use, such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, and antibiotic resistance genes.

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