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UWinnipeg student visits Ottawa as Terry Fox Humanitarian Award alumnus

Cameron Adams and MP for Selkirk—Interlake—Eastman James Bezan

Cameron Adams (left) and James Bezan, Member of Parliament for Selkirk—Interlake—Eastman, at the 40th anniversary celebration of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program.

University of Winnipeg student Cameron Adams was in Ottawa in November for the 40th anniversary of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award (TFHA) Program and its partnership with the Government of Canada.

It was inspiring to see the resilience and determination fellow scholars and alumni have demonstrated to be where they are today.

Cameron Adams

Established in 1982 in honour of Terry Fox, the program commemorates his remarkable life and contributions to cancer research and awareness.

Over the course of his life, Adams has been closely impacted by cancer, as his uncles Richard and Bill both passed away from the disease. After learning about the TFHA as a high school student, Adams knew he was going to apply for the award. 

“Through my entire high school journey, my uncle Bill continued to battle stage-four pancreatic cancer until June 2017 when he passed away,” Adams said. “I received the TFHA a couple days prior to this unfortunate news. I believe that this award is a part of my uncle Bill.”

As a TFHA alumnus, Adams had to opportunity to meet with four decades of alumni, a moment he described as inspiring.

 “We had the opportunity to visit with other recipients and share our stories,” Adams said. “It was inspiring to see the resilience and determination fellow scholars and alumni have demonstrated to be where they are today.”

In addition to visiting with fellow alumni, he also had the chance to meet Terry’s niece, Kirsten, who has been a strong advocate for sharing her uncle’s mission.

A group of Terry Fox Humanitarian Award recipients

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program alumni

Adams also spent an evening with dignitaries, members of parliament, and ministers from across Canada, including James Bezan, MP for Selkirk—Interlake—Eastman.

“We were able to share how the award has impacted us and made a positive difference in our lives,” he said.

Looking back, Adams says the TFHA Program has provided him with the support he’s needed to be successful in many aspects of his life.

That includes his time studying at UWinnipeg.

“This has been instrumental in helping me to be successful in my post-secondary educational journey,” he said. “This program recognizes those contributing to positive change within our society who have humanitarian attributes like Terry did. For this, I am truly honoured.”

To learn more about the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program, visit the official website.