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The University of Winnipeg is raising funds to purchase “Wesley” – a Canadian trained mine-sniffing dog.

WINNIPEG, MB – The University of Winnipeg is taking immediate action to eradicate the world of landmines by raising money to purchase a mine-sniffing dog through the Canadian Landmines Foundation and the Canadian International Demining Corporation (CIDC). This is a concrete result of The University of Winnipeg’s Global College’s No Landmines Action Week that took place in the last week of November.

Wesley the Dog will be an integral asset in returning the land to the people that have suffered the aftermath of war. Wesley will assist in clearing landmines in war-affected countries to make the land safe again. Other reasons for adopting Wesley the mine-sniffing dog are:

· These incredible dogs are remarkably adept at identifying the location of mines, without coming into direct contact with them.

· Mine-sniffing dogs are one of the most productive and safest ways of increasing the efficiency of demining.

· MINE SNIFFING DOGS are 10 times more efficient than conventional methods.

· THE SAFETY LEVEL IS HIGH, the false alarm rate is low & the teams find mines before people get hurt.

· MINE SNIFFING DOGS are especially effective where non-metallic or plastic-encased mines are laid, since they are difficult to find using conventional methods.

Wesley Wednesdays will be integrated into the academic calendar as a tool to keep the community engaged in landmine awareness as well as a vehicle to raise funds on a regular basis during this academic year. This also will involve the entire University community (students, faculty and staff) in keeping the issue of landmines topical and creating a catalyst for change.

The University needs to raise more than $15,000 to purchase Wesley. If you are interested in contributing to this life-saving dog please visit

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