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What the Boil Water Advisory means at UWinnipeg

Updated Thursday, January 29, 4:00 pm: The City of Winnipeg’s Boil Water Advisory has been lifted. As per information communicated by The City, those on the UWinnipeg campus no longer need to take special precautions with tap water.


Due to the current Boil Water Advisory announced last evening by the City of Winnipeg, all on campus are expected to adhere to the precautionary guidelines issued by The City of Winnipeg, which state that only boiled or bottled water should be used to drink or prepare food.

Classes and other activities are continuing on campus as normal, however all students, staff, faculty, and visitors should NOT drink tap water on campus. Please note that tap water should be brought to a rolling boil for one minute and then stored in clean containers. Microwaving water is not sufficient. Kettles with automatic shut-off functions may not boil one full minute. Office coffee makers do not meet the boiling temperature requirements.

It is safe to use tap water to wash hands. Use soap and rub hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds.

Bottled water has been provided to campus residents and also is available via Diversity Foods outlets on campus, including Elements The Restaurant, the Malecon (4th floor Buffeteria) and Pangea’s Kitchen (at Riddell Hall). Students, faculty, and staff are asked to bring their own bottled/boiled water to campus for personal consumption, if at all possible.

The University of Winnipeg has taken the following measures as a result of the Boil Water Advisory currently in effect:

  • Printed signs have been placed at all water fountains on campus
  • Campus Living residents were notified of the boil water advisory and provided with information on precautionary steps from the City of Winnipeg. The University has provided residents with bottled water.
  • Café Bohdi is closed; coffee will not be sold at the Malecon.
  • RecPlex and Duckworth Centre have acquired temporary water dispensers, water jugs and cups for safe water provision to those using the athletics facilities during the Boil Water Advisory.
  • Diversity Foods has followed all required guidelines for safe food preparation and appropriate sanitization.
  • In consultation with the UWSA, the environmental campus ban on plastic water bottles has been temporarily lifted, given the extraordinary circumstances.

Further information will be provided to the campus community later today, following an update on the situation from the City of Winnipeg. Questions may be directed to

For further information on precautions to take during the Boil Water Advisory, please consult the City of Winnipeg website.

Thank you to all for cooperation.