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Winners of the Kobes Poster Contest

Kobes contest winners, ©UWinnipeg

Kobes contest winners, ©UWinnipeg

The 11th Annual Randy Kobes Undergraduate Poster Contest had 24 participants from a wide range of disciplines present their research at the contest yesterday, Wednesday, September 20.

“It is good to see the quality of research being conducted by the students and the mentorship that is being provided by UWinnipeg professors,” said Alfonz Koncan of Koncan & Associates Ltd, a consulting organization which specializes in technology transfer, business development, and research management. “The knowledge demonstrated and articulated by the students is clearly beyond course content. These students are participating in a transformational process which will provide a positive impact on their studies and careers.”

The top prize went to Michael Honke, Generalized Monte Carlo Bloch Simulator Using GPU, (Supervisor: Dr. Chris Bidinosti, physics),  second place went to Emma KunkelThe Relationship Between Core, Fur, and Skin Temperature in Little Brown Bats, (Supervisor: Dr. Craig Willis, biology), and third place went to Jake Blackner, Dereplication of Steroidal Alkaloids from Buxus sp. Using NMR Based Metabolomics Profiling Approach, (Supervisor: Dr. Athar Ata, Salfee Bhathal, & Fernando G. Esposito, chemistry).

Honourable mentions (in alphabetical order) went to Anup BhullarSynthesis of 14-Azidotetradecanoic Acid as a Label for NMyristoyltransferase
in Cancer Research, (Supervisor: Dr. Tabitha E. Wood, chemistry), Roseanna BurroughCoil Design Study for the nEDM Experiment at TRIUMF, (Supervisor: Dr. Russell Mammei, physics), Raphael HoultBlack Hole Formation in AdS4 with Varying Boundary Conditions, (Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Frey, physics), Rebecca PedneaultCompetitive Interaction between Native Duckweed (Lemna minor) and Non-native Common Salvinia (Salvinia minima), (Supervisor: Marianne Hardy, biology).

UWinnipeg would like to thank the judges who volunteered their time, Jill Condra, (UWinnipeg,Office of VP Research & Innovation, Program Officer Research Partnerships), Rebecca Danos, (UWinnipeg, Research Scholar), Marissa Dudych, (UWinnipeg, Administrative Assistant UWFA), Kerrie Hayes, (Medicure, Director, Business Development), Marilyn Johnstone, (Manitoba Government, Treasury Board Secretariat), Sarah Kobes, (UWinnipeg Alumni), Alfonz Koncan, (A. Koncan & Associates Ltd.), Kathleen Lorenzo (NSERC, Research Partnerships Promotion Officer), Landon Mah, (Western Economic Diversification Canada, Senior Business Officer, Operations), Necole Sommersell, (Manager, Health Research Funding Programs), Stephen Szczerba (Manitoba Government, Business Development Manager, Life Sciences), and Iman Yahyaie, (Mitacs Director of Business Development).

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