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2019 Arts awards in teaching and research announced

Glenn Moulaison, Andrew McGillivray, Jaqueline McLeod Rogers;

Glenn Moulaison, Andrew McGillivray, Jaqueline McLeod Rogers

The Faculty of Arts is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the annual Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Faculty Excellence in Research awards.

In each category, there are two winners selected: one in the category of probationary or term faculty, and another in the category of  tenured or continuing appointments.

“Every year, the Faculty of Arts honours outstanding contributions to teaching and to research/creative activity, and every year the outstanding nature of those being honoured is undeniable,” said Dr. Glenn Moulaison, Dean of Arts. “This year is no exception. I am extremely proud and thankful that Dr. MacGillivray, Dr. Fiola, Dr. Ruprai, and Dr. Weinrath call the Faculty of Arts their academic home.”

Dr. Andrew McGillivray, Assistant Professor, Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications
Arts Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award (Probationary or Term appointment)

Glenn Moulaison, Chantal Fiola, Angela Failler,

Glenn Moulaison, Chantal Fiola, Angela Failler,

Nominated by Dr. Jaqueline McLeod Rogers (rhetoric, writing, and communications) for his work ethic, his intellect, his kindness, and tact in his teaching. In the year of his award, while still on a term contract, he taught 3.5 FCEs of different courses, started a writing club, co-chaired a rhetoric students’ journal, and organized a symposium to showcase an independent studies student’s work. Feedback from MacGillivray’s students is so positive. Some even say that having him as a professor has changed their attitudes to learning.

Dr. Chantal Fiola, Assistant Professor, Urban and Inner-City Studies,
Dr. Sharanpal Ruprai, Assistant Professor*, Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS)
Arts Excellence in Research Award (Probationary or Term appointment)

Nominated by Dr. Angela Failler (WGS) for their work as co-chairs for the three-day conference: A Call to Conversation (C2C), an historic gathering of Two-Spirit and Queer People of Colour and their allies from across Turtle Island that developed a set of calls to action for Canadian social institutions. Fiola and Ruprai worked with Two Spirit People of Manitoba and QTPOC Winnipeg, and collaborated with off campus venues such as the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Thunderbird House, and The Good Will Social Club. One UWinnipeg alumna said the conference experience was “nothing short of monumental”.

Dr. Michael Weinrath

Dr. Michael Weinrath, Professor*, Criminal Justice
Arts Excellence in Research Award (Tenured or Continuing appointment)

Nominated by Derek Spencer  (LLM) for his work in providing expert testimony that moved scholarly research into the courts, resulting in the judge awarding compensatory damages for injuries suffered by a prisoner on the grounds of the prison’s failure to protect him. In having the category of “instrumental violence” recognized by the courts in this way, Weinrath’s testimony contributes to the effort to improve the treatment of prisoners across Canada.

The Faculty of Arts puts out a call for nominations and then convenes two award selection committees made up of volunteer faculty members. Winners received a certificate and honorarium at a celebratory Arts Council Meeting, and each winner stepped forward to share either teaching position statements or research excerpts, dependent on category. Dr. Michael Weinrath was presented with his award at a meeting of the Arts Council, January 15, 2020.

The Dean of Arts would  like to thank those who served on the award committees and those who  did the work of nominating  the worthy applicants.

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