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Meet the 2018 Spring Valedictorians

Meet UWinnipeg 2018 Valedictorians.
(listed in alphabetical order)

Richard Anthony-Aquino, ©UWinnipeg

Richard-Anthony Aquino, ©UWinnipeg

Richard-Anthony Aquino, BBA
Valedictorian – Science, Business & Economics

Of Filipino descent, Richard-Anthony Aquino is the first child in his family to be born in Canada.  He says that growing up in Winnipeg’s inner-city, witnessing youth at risk and economic disparity, instilled in him the importance of an education, a strong work ethic, and an openess to diversity.  Aquino obtained a rewarding job as a lead designer with the Government of Canada, but after a number of years, felt he was hitting his career ceiling and needed a degree to advance further. In 2014, Aquino took a leave of absence to continue his studies on a full-time basis in the Faculty of Business and Economics where he was recognized for his persistence and hard work.



Tim Ireland ©UWinnipeg

Tim Ireland ©UWinnipeg

Tim Ireland, BSc
Valedictorian – Theology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Education, Kinesiology

A former Wesmen basketball player and active member of the campus community, Tim Ireland is looking forward to what the future holds — for himself and his classmates. He is graduating from The University of Winnipeg with a BSc in kinesiology and a major in exercise science. Ireland is headed to the University of Alberta later this year to pursue a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy with a goal of working in the field of neural rehabilitation. He hopes to improve the quality of life for those living with chronic neurological diseases and damage, such as multiple sclerosis, concussions, and spinal injuries.



Jillian Sunderland, ©UWinnipeg

Jillian Sunderland, ©UWinnipeg

Jillian Sunderland, BA (Hons)
Valedictorian – Arts

Jillian Sunderland has a passion for equality and social justice with a proven record of academic excellence. Post high school, Jillian attended Ryerson University in Toronto, to pursue her interest in fine art before returning to Winnipeg for her studies. At UWinnipeg, Jillian discovered sociology and began to understand her unique circumstance: growing up as a bi-racial female in a predominantly white neighbourhood. During that time, she experienced bullying and racial/gender discrimination, but through her studies discovered the emancipatory potential of knowledge.

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