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Summer Institutes 2007: Contemporary, Relevant & Cultural Issues

AIDS, globalization, feminist activism and the mysteries of the Manitoba Legislature are just a few of the issues on tap for The University of Winnipeg’s 2007 Summer Institutes Program. The Summer Institutes offer students, professionals and interested community members the opportunity to learn about contemporary, relevant social and cultural issues. The 2007 Summer Institutes Program will feature a number of high profile speakers drawn from a community of experts from near and abroad.

Global College will offer one-week and two-week long Summer Institutes from June through to July, 2007 in Philippine Studies; Mandarin Language and Culture; Infectious Diseases/HIV AIDS; Ethics of Globalization; and Feminist Activism. These courses can be audited or taken for credit both at the undergraduate or graduate level.

For more information on Global College Summer Institutes, or to register, please click here

As well, University of Winnipeg Research Fellow and alumnus Frank Albo, the scholar behind the Winnipeg Free Press-published series and book The Hermetic Code: Unlocking One of the Province’s Greatest Secrets, will unlock the magic and mysteries behind the Manitoba Legislative Building in a Spring Session course. For more information on Western Esotericism: Heretical Movements and Secret Societies, or to register, please contact University of Winnipeg Admissions at 204.786.9159 or