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UWinnipeg Collegiate student selected as Marsha Hanen Scholar

Julia Antonyshyn, © UWinnipeg

Julia Antonyshyn, © UWinnipeg

Julia Antonyshyn has been selected for The University of Winnipeg’s 2016 Marsha P. Hanen Entrance Scholarship. Graduating high school in 2016 as the Valedictorian for The University of Winnipeg Collegiate (UWC), Antonyshyn is a model student who describes herself a ‘tree hugger’ and is passionate about the environment. She plans to begin working toward a degree in Environmental Studies at UWinnipeg this fall.

Antonyshyn came to UWC in grade nine and embraced her experience there. “The University of Winnipeg Collegiate is a great school and I love it,” she said. “This is a great place for the independent, self-directed student. This school attracts people who are passionate about their own learning and understand how to respect the rights of others who want to learn.”

During her time at UWC, she earned several awards for her high academic standing and served on several committees on and off campus. This past year she was elected to be the Prime Minister of Student Council at the Collegiate. Antonyshyn also found time serve in the Page Program at the Manitoba Legislature.

“Julia is the ideal student,” shared her teacher Jolene D Braun. “She excels academically, she has an aptitude for sports, she is recognized as a leader by her peers, she is musically talented, and she has a kind and generous spirit which she employs in the classroom and in the halls.  We are proud to have Julia as an alumna of UWC.”

When she is not focusing on her studies, Antonyshyn can be found pitching for her fastpitch softball team, actively participating in her church’s youth group, or writing and performing music.  She is renowned among her teachers for more than just for her wide-range of natural abilities, but also her consistent commitment to fully applying her talents. She is also described as “a kind, generous, warm-hearted, funny person, who is sincerely concerned about those around her,” and who “builds camaraderie in any group and people naturally turn to her as a leader.”

Antonyshyn is also involved with the United Church of Canada, serving on the Young Adult and Youth Committee that organizes youth programming in the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

“Julia is one of our ‘go-to’ students at UWC,” added Jennifer Janzen, her geography teacher. “When we need a thoughtful, intrinsically motivated person to represent our school, she is always at the top of the list.  She is open to new people and experiences, which means that she gains so much from every new encounter. She was a whirlwind student this year,” shared her teacher Jennifer K.L. Janzen. “Not only was she on the Grad Committee, in glee club, volunteering at her church, and involved in every school event, she was also an outstanding academic student. There really is no way to keep up with her. Julia made this year at UWC amazing!”

The Marsha P. Hanen Entrance Scholarship, named after UWinnipeg’s fourth President and Vice-Chancellor, is valued at $10,500 over four years. Serving as president from 1989 to 1999, in her role Hanen was instrumental in the advancement of UWinnipeg’s growth and development strategy.  During her tenure, notable accomplishments include: the passing of The University of Winnipeg Act, which had been highly sought after since the University’s creation in 1967, the establishment of a full Bachelor of Education program, and the openings of the Bulman Student Centre and the acclaimed Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall.

In 2013, Hanen received the honour of President Emerita at The University of Winnipeg’s 100th Convocation for her exemplary work in academia, her consultative leadership style, and her inclusive nature that is recognized throughout the university community.

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