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UWinnipeg Trailblazers recognized

These women have been honoured with Manitoba 150 Women Trailblazer Awards

Dr. Marsha Hanen

Thirty-five trailblazing women with ties to The University of Winnipeg have been honoured with Manitoba 150 Women Trailblazer Awards announced yesterday by The Nellie McClung Foundation.

“We recognize all of the women who have helped create a better society through education, reconciliation, and human rights advocacy,” said Dr. James Currie, UWinnipeg Interim President and Vice-Chancellor. “We are particularly proud of the women who have been recognized in this way and we celebrate their achievements and contributions.”

The Trailblazer Awards are a tribute to Canada’s most famous suffragette, Nellie McClung, whose vision of equal rights led to women’s right to vote in Manitoba; a first in all of Canada. McClung was an orator, author, educator, legislator, and an advocate for human rights and a driving force in Canadian Politics and the women’s movement until her death in 1951.

Meet UWinnipeg’s Trailblazer Award recipients

Gail Asper (Distinguished UWinnipeg Foundation Supporter, 2014 Duff Roblin Award Recipient)

Senator Patricia Bovey, Adjunct Professor, History of Art

Barbara Bruce (Former Board of Regents member)

We recognize all of the women who have helped create a better society through education, reconciliation, and human rights advocacy.

Dr. James Currie

Christine (Chris) Burrows (BED 1985)

Ann Callahan (BA 1999)

Ruth Elaine Christie, (LLD 2019)

Dr. Rayleen De Luca, C.M., O.M. (BAH 1979, Distinguished Alumni 2006)

Lois Edie (Collegiate 47)

Margot Goodhand (BAH 79), Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, 2011

Helen Granger Young, O.M. (BA 99)

Jarita Greyeyes (BA 2006), previous Director of Community Learning and Engagement, Wii Chiiwaakanak Learning Centre and interim Vice President Indigenous Engagement

Dr. Marsha Hanen, Past President and Vice-Chancellor of UWinnipeg, 1989-1994, former Board of Regent

Honourable Janis (Gundrun) Johnson, C.M (Collegiate 65), Former Regent 1999-2000

Tina Keeper (O.M., M.S.M, LL.D.  (BA 07) Distinguished Alumni Award 2020 )

Dr. Jessie Lang LLD (BA 1937, Wesley College)

JoAnn MacMorran (Collegiate 1952)

Senator Marilou McPhedran, CM, LLM, LLB, LLD (Associate Alumna and LLD 1992), founding Principal,  Global College

Tracy Patterson (BA 1990)

Mayor Anna Pazdzierski (PACE 1991)

Lara Rae, Instructor, Women’s and Gender Studies

Samantha Rayburn-Trubyk, Collegiate 2000, PACE 2021

Helena F. Reimer, CM (LLD 1974)

Shirley Render (BA 1964, Distinguished Alumni 2005)

Kathleen Richardson (Distinguished UWinnipeg Foundation Supporter)

Muriel (Sprague) Richardson (BA 1928), Board of Regents of United College, 1940-1951

Tannis Richardson (Collegiate 1944, Distinguished UWinnipeg Foundation Supporter)

Dr. Mirjana Roksandic, UWinnipeg anthropology professor, former Board of Regent

Anne Ross, C.M. (Collegiate 1928)

Diane Roussin, Chair, Indigenous Advisory Circle

Carol Shields (DLitt, 1996) Former Chancellor

Bernadette Smith, OM, MLA ((BA 2011, PBDE 2016)

Susan A. Thompson OM, LLD (Collegiate 67, BA 71, LLD 16) Founding president and CEO of the UWinnipeg Foundation)

Sherri Walsh, LL.B (Collegiate ’78, BA ’81), Foundation board member

Alex Wilson, UWinnipeg’s Indigenous Advisory Circle

Lois Wilson (Collegiate 44, BA 47, T 50, MDIV 84, Doctor of Divinity 86)

The University of Winnipeg congratulates all the trailblazing women whose lasting impact on Manitoba has been recognized Manitoba 150 Women Trailblazer Awards.

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