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Two familiar faces are leading the Faculty of Arts

Dr. Tracy Whalen and Dr. Anne-Laurence Caudano have been named Acting Dean and Acting Associate Dean

Dr. Tracy Whalen and Dr. Anne-Laurence Caudano sitting on the spiral staircase in the UWinnipeg Library.

Dr. Tracy Whalen (right) and Dr. Anne-Laurence Caudano (left) have been named Acting Dean and Acting Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

Two familiar faces are leading The University of Winnipeg’s largest faculty.

Dr. Tracy Whalen has been named Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and she is joined by Dr. Anne-Laurence Caudano, who has been named Acting Associate Dean. 

Speaking of her new position, Dr. Whalen says she’s enjoying learning more about current and incoming faculty, and providing support for governance at the departmental level. Particularly interesting to her is “the everyday practice of decision making and how my values and commitments guide this.”

“I have no doubt that, together, Anne-Laurence and I will serve the Faculty of Arts well,” she said.

As the new Chair of the Senate Academic Standards and Misconduct Committee, Dr. Caudano is “looking forward to engaging with faculty members about the potential and pitfalls associated with the use of artificial intelligence in the classroom,” a conversation initiated by Dr. Whalen during her term as Associate Dean.

Meet Dr. Tracy Whalen

An Associate Professor in the Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications, Dr. Whalen most recently served as Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts from July 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023.

Dr. Whalen has served on the Board of Regents, Senate, UWinnipeg Faculty Association’s Executive, Axworthy Distinguished Lecture Series Committee, and the Academic COVID-19 Response Planning Team. She also served for five years as UWinnipeg’s United Way Campaign Chair and currently sits on the United Way Cabinet.

Dr. Whalen’s research takes up questions of public memory, Canadian political and performative oratory, and the rhetoric of place. Her current research project examines the transnational rhetoric around the tragedy of Arrow Air Flight 1285, an American chartered military plane that crashed in Gander, Newfoundland in December 1985. She is a recipient of the Faculty of Arts’ Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award and, in 2019, was named by The Uniter as one of the University’s favourite professors.

Meet Dr. Anne-Laurence Caudano

Dr. Caudano is a Professor in the Department of History, where she teaches medieval history. She was Chair of the Joint Master of Arts in History program, which involved participation in a wide range of departmental, faculty, and university committees at UWinnipeg and the University of Manitoba. She was also a Senator and a member of the Senate Academic Standard and Misconduct Committee. 

Dr. Caudano’s research focuses on astronomy and cosmography in the late Byzantine and medieval Slavic worlds. She is currently preparing an edition, translation, and commentary of the only Byzantine version of the Alfonsine Tables of Paris, a 14th-century Greek translation of the most important astronomical tables used by Latin-speaking astronomers until Copernicus.

Dr. Caudano was one of two Co-Chairs of the Early Science Forum, is a member of various editorial boards, and has participated in Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral and Insight Grants adjudicating committees for several years, as well as in national academic, graduate, and undergraduate prize committees.