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UWant Winnipeg Weather, UWinnipeg Has It

WINNIPEG, MB – An innovative mind in the UWinnipeg geography department has created a Winnipeg weather application that will give the user minute-to-minute accuracy with a downtown perspective to be used on an iPhone, iPod and soon, an iPad, as recorded by the University of Winnipeg’s rooftop weather station. Ryan Smith, a research assistant working with Professor Danny Blair, weather and climate expert in the Department of Geography, designed the UWeather App.

The application was released earlier this month and already more than 500 people from more than 35 countries have downloaded the UWeather App.

“We are the first university in the world to have its weather station linked to an App, and it’s really quite useful,” says Smith. “Unlike most government weather stations, the data isn’t just updated at the top of the hour – it’s updated every minute, and the data it reports is not collected at the airport, but in the downtown environment where many of us work.”

 The UWeather App is available for free from the iTunes Store. Direct links to the iTunes download page can be found at geography and the university’s weather station.

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